11 Things You Had No Idea Your Vagina Could Do
by Autumn Jones

It's a shame, really. All these years I've been walking around with a vagina and had no idea of all the awesome abilities it possessed. Now, don't get me wrong, I wasn't completely clueless. I had the vagina basics down — sex, periods, peeing, babies — but never did I know I could lift small objects with my vaginal muscles. Sounds super badass, right? Seriously friends, this is just scratching the surface. The list of things you had no idea your vagina could do is filled with incredible nuggets of information on what is definitely the coolest part of the human anatomy.

The word vagina has latin roots, meaning sheath, which is meant to hold a sword. But aside from being a safe place to keep weapons, vaginas can also be the keeper of tiny items that you may carry around in your purse, such as loose change. Not that using your vagina as a handbag is encouraged (or a healthy choice) but it is a really cool party trick... if you're into that sort of thing.

Turns out, your vagina is bursting with awesome secret powers you never knew about, until now. Check out these 11 things your vagina is capable of and be ready to be in awe.


It Can Lift Weights

Known as vaginal kung fu, lifting weights with your vagina is a thing. According to Mind Body Green, vaginal weightlifting has many benefits, including more (and better) orgasms, easier postpartum recovery, and less chance of urinary incontinence.


It Holds Penises Prisoner

The vaginal muscles are pretty powerful, in fact, it's possible for them to clamp down so hard, that a penis can be unable to remove itself. The phenomenon known as penis captivus, is a rare but documented condition, according to Cosmopolitan. And, thankfully, one that only lasts a few minutes.


It Can Be Shark-like

You finally have scientific backing that you are a beast in the bedroom. According to Psychology Today, vaginal lubricant has the same ingredient as shark livers, called squalene.


It Gives Itself A Bath

By design, vaginas are able to maintain a healthy environment without the use of douches or perfumes. Even though vaginas are self-cleaning, freshening up with a little warm water won't hurt. But be sure to avoid harsh soaps and chemicals that will alter the vaginal pH balance.


It Has Plenty Of Nerve Endings

When it comes to the award for most nerve endings, the clitoris takes home the golden statue. As Psychology Today reported, the reason clitoral stimulation feels so damn good, is because there are 7,000 nerve endings on the clit. This is more than any other part of the human body, for men or women.


It Can Be Worked Out

Even vaginas like to stay in shape — and they are able to with their proprietary work out, the kegel exercise. This move is done by contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor — like you are trying to stop the flow of urine — multiple times.


It Acts As A Purse

Not that you would want to keep your keys and lip gloss in your vagina, but if you absolutely had to, you could. Do to the vagina's abilty to expand (think childbirth) there is enough space to store some small items. Or as New York magazine reported, a woman used her vagina to carry 54 bags of heroin, eight pills, and $51 in cash.


It Has A Signature Scent

There may be some validity to the old saying, "you are what you eat." When it comes to your lady parts, what you eat effects the pH of vagina, causing it to smell and taste different, according to Women's Health.


It Has Its Own Orgasm

Although the vaginal orgasm is not without nay-sayers, plenty of women claim to have had the big O this way. If you want to test the theory for yourself, try out Cosmopolitan's ways achieve vaginal orgasms.


It Lowers Blood Pressure

You know that orgasms feel good, but did you know they could actually be good for you? As Self reported, studies show that female orgasms lower blood pressure, meaning your vagina has the power to keep other parts of your body healthy.


It Can Be A Uterus Slide

When the muscles of the pelvic floor become weak or stretched out, the uterus can slide out of the vagina. Uterine prolapse can happen most commonly to postmenopausal women, but can effect woman at any age, according to Mayo Clinic. Once the severity of the prolapse is determined, a doctor can recommend the best type of treatment.