11 Extra Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts

Selecting the perfect gift for those you love, while fun, can be a little pressure-packed. Especially when it comes to giving something to the woman who raised you. Finding a thoughtful Mother's Day gifts that both conveys what they mean to you while also being something that you know they'll love might seem like a tall order, but it's more doable than you think. One of the great things about moms is you can pretty much guarantee they're going to love whatever gifts you give them, whether they're the much-sought-after perfect gift or not.

Whether they love to fit in an early morning workout or would rather spend the day curled up with a good book and mug of tea or great glass of wine, there's a thoughtful gift out there that perfectly suites each mom's personality. You don't have to spend a fortune to show Mom how much you care, either. From $10 to $200, you can find just the right gift to celebrate the woman who changed your diapers, taught you to drive, and debated with you over all manner of life decisions, whether that's your biological mom or not. Here are 11 gift ideas to help you get started.


For The Aspiring Chef

Rather than another kitchen gadget that she just doesn't need, sign the two of you up for a cooking class. You can often choose between a demonstration-style class, where the chef does all the cooking, or a hands-on class, where it's all on you. From then on, every time she makes paella, she'll think of you.


For The Gardener

If your mom's favorite part of her house is her garden, this embroidered garden tool tote bag ($40) from Etsy is the perfect gift for her. Bonus points if you fill it with some new gardening gadgets—or spend the day with her weeding the flower beds.


For The Bookworm

Give your library-loving mom a subscription to Book of the Month. Subscription prices range from $45 for three months to $144 for a year. Pick up the same books for yourself, and put together your own mini book club.


For The Pet Lover

Does your mom love the family dog as much as she loves you? (Or maybe more.) This personalized dog mug ($40) from Evelyn Henson is the perfect gift for your pet-loving mama. You choose the dog illustration that looks most like your furry friend and can personalize the text with your dog's name or anything else you'd like.


For The Insistent Letter Writer

Getting and sending real letters is fun. Design your letter-sending mom some of her very own customized stationery from Sugar Paper. Hey, maybe she'll use it to send you a thank you note.


For The Fitness Fanatic

Get your active mom a gift card that'll either help her indulge in her favorite workout or try something new. Yoga, meditation, spin, or barre classes and personal training are all good choices.


For The Tea Drinker

Everyone knows that Mom's favorite gifts are cards and notes from her kids and grandkids. Create your own teanote gift from Tenota. You decide what it says, pick a flavor, and let Tenota take care of the rest.


For The Wannabe Sommelier

I'm not sure it's entirely universal, but it seems like most moms love wine. Pick up a bottle of her favorite. It may not seem like much, but gifting a bottle of her favorite wine, a couple wine glasses, and some snacks to go with it is the perfect, thoughtful gift.


For The Mom Whose Kids Live Far Away

If you and your siblings are scattered around the country, your mom will absolutely adore this personalized map pillow (from $58) from Etsy. You can add up to seven locations and finish it off with your family name at the bottom.


For The Traveler

Mamas who travel frequently will love to track their trips with this cork globe ($129) from CB2. Pair it with a small package of pushpins to get her started.


For The Mom Who Takes Care Of Everyone Else First

Who deserves to wind down with essential oils more than Mom? No one, that's who. This keep calm gift set ($55) from Plant Apothecary is sure to please. Ginger, lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus? It's basically her own at-home spa. Lucky lady.