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Every Time Corinne Was You On A Friday

Friday is truly the most precious and pure of days. It is the best part of the week. It marks the end of the five exhausting days that make up the working week and heralds the beginning of the bright, shiny weekend, when you'll finally be able to read that book or clean your house – any of those tasks you've been putting off because you were too busy or too tired. Whether you actually accomplish any of those things over the weekend is incidental: on Friday everything seems possible. Plus Friday means you're only a few days away from a brand new episode of The Bachelor, where the boundless (and perhaps deluded) optimism of Fridays has found human form in Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios.

Corinne may not be the easiest contestant to connect to on first glance. Her family's big company (whether Corinne's actually running it or not) and the fact that she has her very own nanny make her life experiences a little different then your average 24-year-old, but despite all of that, Corinne can still be #relatable at various times – particularly when you're feeling as excited and hopeful about starting your weekend as she does about going after Nick. So for fun, here's all the times Corinne perfectly summed up the all those Friday feels.

1. When You Only Have An Hour Left At Work

It may seem interminable, but don't worry – those minutes will fly by!

2. When You're Getting Ready To Go Out

Hit play on "The Sexy Getting Ready Song" and you're ready to transform yourself from drab to fab.

3. When You're Showing Off Your Moves In Da Clerb

Even if your moves aren't the best, you should still dance like no one is watching.

4. When Your Friend Hits It Off With Someone At The Club

Maybe you weren't so lucky, but yay for your friend!

5. When You Don't Like The Person Your Friend Hit It Off With

Your friend doesn't always have good judgement.

6. When You Unwind With A Drink

You deserve that third glass of wine! You earned it!

7. When You Get Drunk Munchies

When you're tipsy at 2 a.m., anything is sustenance.

8. When You Decide To Binge Netflix Instead Of Going Out

Why leave the comfort of your home when you can rewatch Season 4 of Gossip Girl for the third time?

9. When You Take Your Bra Off At The End Of The Day

There is no relief sweeter.

10. When You Finally Fall Asleep

After a long, tough week, crawling into bed is the best reward of all.

11. When You Remember The Bachelor Will Be Back Soon

It's pretty much the only good thing about Mondays.

But instead of counting every second until the weekend ends, you should enjoy Friday while you can. Enjoy it as much as Corinne enjoys bouncy castles.