11 Tools Every Mom Needs To Make Diaper Changing Easier

Ah, diaper changes. The one part of motherhood that seemed to slip my mind when I decided it was time to have kids. Nothing can ever prepare you for the job of cleaning up another human's bodily functions for a living, but luckily, there are quite a few tools every mom needs to make diaper changes easier (note: not easy, just easier.)

Whether you're dealing with a newborn who needs changed every few hours or a toddler who isn't yet potty trained (moms of un-potty trained toddlers, I'll say a silent prayer for you,) having a few practical tricks up your sleeves will ensure you will be prepared no matter what your baby brings your way.

Aside from the obvious things like a moral support group for traumatized parents, an endless supply of air fresheners, and enough diapers and wipes to fill the entire nursery you so painstakingly spent your pregnancy decorating, there are a few other essentials you should have in your motherhood arsenal. Diaper changes may never be fun, but it is possible to avoid the nightmare situations (like when you're out of extra diapers at a restaurant, or when your baby has a blow-out in their car seat, to name a few) using these tools that every mom should keep on hand.


Something To Disguise The Smell

A diaper genie is one of those products that you could technically survive without, but why would you want to? They hide the smell that inevitably comes with babies and their diapers and don't take up extra space (or smells) in your trash.

Diaper Genie, $34, Amazon


Something To Protect Your Stuff

Whether you change your baby on a changing table, a bed, or the floor, having a changing pad with washable covers will help protect your stuff and keep things as clean and contained as possible.

Washable Covers, $10, Amazon


Some Quality Distractions

Whether it's just you singing some silly songs, a colorful toy, or a quick game on the tablet in extreme situations, distracting your baby from the task at hand will help things run smoothly.


Some Easy Access Clothes

There's no shame in dressing your baby with the sole intent of making diaper changing less of a nightmare. These onesies from Magnificent Baby have magnetic closure, taking all the hassle of buttons and snaps out of the equation.

Magnificent Baby, $26, Amazon


Something To Use On The Go

I don't think I'm the only mom who hates changing her babies on the "public changing tables" in restaurants. As gross as they are, diaper changes have to happen somewhere. Luckily, portable changing pads will give you something to cover the table with or wherever and whenever you may need to.

Portable Changing Pads, $24, Amazon


Something To Heal The Inevitable Rash

No matter how vigilant you are about changing diapers, your kiddo is bound to get a diaper rash or two. Buying a cream like the Acure Baby Buns Cream will not only make the rash less painful, it's made with safe ingredients for your baby's sensitive skin.

Acure Baby Buns Cream, $11, Amazon


Something To Hide The Smell On The Go

Whether you need them on the go or at home in place of a diaper genie, disposable bagswhich you can pick up at Target help keep the smell contained.

Disposable Bags, $4, Amazon


Something That Doesn't Scream "Diaper Bag"

Diaper bags don't have to scream "diaper bag," in fact, there are so many different styles of bags like this leather diaper bag from Target, that you could get away with using it as a purse too.

Leather Diaper Bag, $99, Target


Something To Keep It All Organized At Home

A few small baskets from Amazon will help cut down on clutter and make sure you know where all your essentials are at all times.

Baskets, $30, Amazon


Something To Keep Their Skin Soft

While you're at it, you might as well pick up a good organic baby lotion to keep your baby's sensitive skin moisturized all year long.

Puracy Organic Baby Lotion, $21, Amazon


More Diapers And Wipes Than You Ever Imagined

As inevitable as it is, you can never be truly prepared for the amount of diapers and wipes you'll need when raising a child. Remember though, there's no shame in asking for diapers for your kid's birthday. They're too young to remember anyways.