11 Tools To Help You Deal With A Colicky Baby

At some point, new parents will most likely deal with a baby who can’t stop crying no matter what they do. As you pour over baby websites to find a way to get him to settle down, your fellow parent friends may write the crying off as “just colic.” But before you have a mommy meltdown, you need to be armed with the tools you need to help you deal with a colicky baby.

Before you decide that colic is in fact what is causing your baby to be so uncomfortable, you need to know what is it. What To Expect defines colic as basically anything that causes extreme crying episodes in otherwise healthy babies. The site goes on to clarify that colic episodes usually begin after baby is 3 weeks old, last for three hours or more, and can continue for at least three weeks in a row. Unfortunately, there’s no real cure for colic, but there are things you and your partner can do to help your family cope with all of the crying, and make your baby as comfortable as possible.

If you’ve got a colicky baby at home, try using one (or all) of the tools on this list to soothe your baby. And if the crying symphony is making you want to shed a few tears of your own, don’t be afraid to seek relief from your partner or other family members. Making it a team effort, can make dealing with colic a lot more bearable.


A Baby Carrier

As Dr. Sears suggested, wearing your baby in an infant carrier several hours a day is soothing and will cause them to fuss less.

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A White Noise Machine

According to WebMD, the constant low swishing or wooshing sound from a white noise machine can be comforting, and make a fussy baby feel like they're back in the womb.

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A Swaddling Blanket

According to Fit Pregnancy, swaddling your baby snugly can keep them calm when they are fussy.

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A Car Seat

If your baby is fussy, try hitting the open road. Taking your baby for a ride in the car can calm them down, and even put them to sleep, as mentioned on Kids Health. Just make sure you avoid any traffic jams.

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A Swing

As WebMD suggested, the motion of an infant swing can soothe a fussy baby to sleep.

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An Upright Tub

A warm bath is a wonderfully relaxing treat for just about anyone. And, as noted on The Fussy Baby Site, an upright tub allows baby to be covered with warm bath water, without having to lay down on her back.

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‘The Fussy Baby Book’ by Dr. Sears

When in doubt, why not seek help from an expert? Famed pediatrician, Dr. Sears wrote The Fussy Baby Book ($10) to give parents suggestions on how to deal with their child’s fussiness through nutrition, discipline, and communication techniques.



If gas is causing your baby to be fussy, try flavorless probiotic drops to soothe his tummy.

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A Pacifier

As mentioned in Parenting, a pacifier can help out when baby is fussy between meals. The sucking can be calming for fussy babies.

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Massage Oil

An article on the La Leche League website suggested infant massage to calm colic in babies. Place baby on his back and rub him gently with infant massage oil or lotion. The gentle pressure is comforting, and can help relieve gas.

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