11 Toys From The '90s We Wish Were Still Around Today

If there's one thing kids of the '90s loved— besides bowl cuts, overalls, and Nick At Nite, of course— it was their toys. We stowed them away under our beds, made Christmas lists a mile long, and wrote all of our secret toy desires into our Dear Diary toy (which was basically just a precursor to the smart phone). And if we're being totally honest, there are plenty of toys from the '90s that we wish were still around today, if only for nostalgia's sake.

While kids today have Angry Birds, hover boards, and dolls that look as lifelike as a real baby, kids of the '90s were content with trading Pogs and tending to their Tamagotchi pet. I remember watching in amazement as my Doodle Bear emerged from the dryer completely doodle-free and running in terror from my brothers and their Super Soakers. The day my parents let me get my own Poo-Chi robot dog is forever etched in my mind. As is the one when they told me I wasn't allowed to have a Furby. Good call, mom and dad.

While times may have changed quite a bit since then, our love for all things '90s — even the strange, borderline reckless toys — isn't going anywhere soon and these 11 '90s toys will prove it.



Because only in the '90s could they turn cardboard circles into a profitable form of entertainment.


Talk Boy (Or Girl)

20th Century Fox

You can essentially thank Kevin from Home Alone for the invention of the cell phone, right?



To anyone who ever woke up in a panic thinking they forgot to feed their pet Tamagotchi, I'm so, so sorry. Whether this was the toy industry's attempt at teaching pet ownership, or just a mean joke — we loved it nonetheless.


Doodle Bear

Although mine never ended up looking that cute, the concept of being able to draw on your toys was one of the '90s best ideas.


Baby Born

There's nothing every little girl wanted more than a doll that ate and drank like a real baby and proceeded to do it's business like a real baby. Sorry for the mess, mom and dad.


Gooey Louie

Goliath Games

To further the fascination with bodily functions, Gooey Louie let kids pick noses for fun. I'm not sure if I wish this was still around today, or am just amazed that it was ever around in the first place.



Slimey, stretchy and less messy than actual Slime, Gak was just as fun as it's name was creative.


Dream Phone

A board game that could tell you who had a crush on you? Yes please. If only adulthood worked that way.


Treasure Trolls

Just kidding. No part of me wishes these were still around.


Moon Shoes

Safety was clearly a top priority with these babies. Nothing spells fun on the moon like gravity and sprained ankles.


Koosh Balls

Aside from being completely pointless, these fuzzy, stringy toys were actually super fun to play with.