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These TV Siblings Can Always Count On Each Other

Sibling relationships can be complicated: sometimes you're the best of friends, but you can also be the worst rivals. When it comes to depicting that bond onscreen, television has captured pretty much every variation. Viewers have seen brothers and sisters who would do anything for each other and siblings that are at each other's throats. These 11 TV siblings definitely show how infuriating and important family can be — and they might even remind you of you and your siblings, too.

But while some of the siblings on this list might be easy to relate to, others most definitely are not. The arch quips of the Crane brothers could be you and your sib at a family function, but hopefully the intensity of the Lannisters is not something that resonates. Some of the family members on this list are magical, some are just normal people living their lives, but all of their stories are enhanced by the bond they share. These shows wouldn't be the same without the siblings at the heart of their narratives.

This is far from an exhaustive run-down, but here are some television sisters and brothers that show how important that relationship can be, in no particular order.

Niles & Frasier (Frasier)

When Frasier got his own spinoff after Cheers, he had to be paired with the perfect ensemble: among the crew was his much more high-strung, incredibly witty brother Niles, who ended up stealing almost every scene. Watching them play off each other was an integral part of the show.

Monica & Ross (Friends)

Monica and Ross had a very familiar relationship: it could devolve into petty squabbling just as easily as it could result in a heartfelt moment. Though the comedy of Friends could be very broad, Monica and Ross were still a pretty relatable pair. (Except for that time they kissed in a flashback. Big no on that one.)

The Lannisters (Game Of Thrones)

While on the topic of incest, who could forget the Lannister siblings? The various relationships between Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion are far from positive (blackmail, murder plots, and scheming abound) but the show wouldn't be the same without them. Some of the most memorable scenes have resulted from their knotty family history. Even if they're not the kind of siblings you'd want to emulate, they're still a big part of the show.

The Starks (Game Of Thrones)

As foils for the Lannisters, the Starks are basically their polar opposites. They're loyal and loving but they also don't get to spend a lot of time together. Nevertheless, each and every (still living) sibling would do anything for another, and watching the ones who are still here struggle to reunite has been seriously satisfying.

Alec, Izzy, & Jace (Shadowhunters)

Not every sibling relationship is bound by biology. Demon hunters Alec and Isabelle Lightwood have a special supportive bond all their own, but their trio is made complete by adopted brother Jace. No matter what's going on around them — body switching, demon possession, you name it — they can count on each other.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, & Paige (Charmed)

The Power of Three is what Charmed was built on. Whether it's the original crew, second generation, or even the upcoming reboot, sisterhood is the most defining quality of this show. The sisters are always stronger together and they can weather any situation as long as they're with each other.

The Belchers (Bob's Burgers)

The Belcher kids are a team, despite having totally different personalities: Gene and Tina might not share Louise's penchant for plotting, but they're always on hand to help out anyway. Having each other's backs without question is one of the best parts of having a sibling.

The Big Three (This Is Us)

While This Is Us celebrates the support and strength siblings can lend, it also explores how tough those relationships can be to navigate. Kevin and Randall have spent their entire lives trying to find common ground, while Kevin and Kate have struggled with relying on each other too much. But in the end, all three have a connection that can't be contested.

Dennis & Dee (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia)

Every relationship on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the definition of unhealthy; Dee and Dennis Reynolds are no different. You wouldn't want to have a brother like Dennis, but their misadventures are always cringingly hilarious, in part because of how well their twisted dynamic works.

The Bluths (Arrested Development)

The Bluths are certainly more of a cautionary tale: Gob, Michael, Lindsay, and Buster are always undermining or complaining about each other. But at the end of the day, none of them know what a chicken sounds like and isn't that the true sign of a family who really belongs together?

Buffy & Dawn (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Dawn was a surprise addition to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Season 5, so fans had to quickly get on board with this brand new character who Buffy would protect at any cost. But despite some growing pains, it worked because of how heartfelt Buffy and Dawn's bond was. They didn't always get along but the audience could always believe that they loved each other. Even when Dawn was whining.

The television landscape is full of siblings who support and sabotage each other. These are just a few of the ones that illustrate how important a sibling can be.