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Harry Dubin Drama Arises Once Again On 'RHONY'

The signs are there: a rumbling in the distance, ripples across the surface of your nearest water glass. Someone approaches. Harry Dubin will be here soon, and he will make out with another Housewife. There is no way to stop it. These tweets about Harry Dubin on Real Housewives of New York City react to that inevitability.

Harry Dubin is the ex-husband of former Housewife Aviva Drescher, but he's also dated both Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps. Recently, he was spotted sharing a smooch with Ramona Singer. In a 2017 appearance on a Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after-show, she'd insisted that she would never date him, but she also totally understood his alleged appeal to the women of NYC. "He's extremely charming and personable and fun to be with," Ramona said, as reported by People. "And he's kind-hearted and warm and generous."

It seems Ramona was charmed! And the situation is going to come up in the May 29 episode of RHONY, where the reveal of Ramona and Harry's liaison does not sit well with Sonja. "It's Not You, It's Miami" marks the return of Harry Dubin, though I have a feeling it won't be the last time fans of the show hear about him.

Expect The Unexpected

Does Harry have some kind of checklist he's working through? Is he going to try to put the moves on Tinsley, Bethenny, and Dorinda next? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised by anything.


Harry has so much skill for stirring trouble (and with minimal appearances, too) that some Twitter users were calling for him to be made an official Housewife.


If drama breaks out without a Bravo camera around, did it really make a sound? Ramona and Harry hooking up is juicy gossip, but the resultant fight in Miami is what the fans are really here for.

A Crossover Event

Harry is the uniting factor of the Bravo Television Universe, it seems. Years ago, he was spotted in the background on Southern Charm, and the recent resurgence of interest in him has raised the question once again. What was he doing there?

Special Guest Appearance By

Guests often stop by the reunion specials, though typically they're either husbands or frenemies who haven't become official Housewives. Inviting Harry would make for a memorable episode, though it would be a little out of the norm for the franchise.

Here's Harry

You know, after a couple of glasses of rosé, I could see a Here's Harry board game becoming very popular.

What Would His Tagline Be?

More than one fan on Twitter is calling for more regular time with Harry Dubin, but I think the Where's Waldo approach is a little more fitting. Small doses, you know?

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

That is a terrifying thought, but also sounds like an Off-Broadway show that I would buy tickets for. It would be like Waiting for Godot With Andy Cohen.

Sonja Makes Her Feelings Clear

You can always count on Sonja to tell you how she really feels, which is something she's probably going to do a lot of in "It's Not You, It's Miami."

It Has A Ring To It

You know, it flows so well that I'm starting to think that is his middle name.

It Says It All

Sonja has so many quotable lines, but this one feels like it's going to be evergreen.

Harry Dubin may not stick around, but he always leaves an impression when he stops by for a visit on RHONY.