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The Internet Is All About Peter The Pilot On 'The Bachelorette'

If you're watching The Bachelorette, you probably have your faves already decided. There are so many good options to choose from this season, I don't know how Hannah will narrow it down to just one. However, one of the contestants I think will be part of the final four is Peter the Pilot. In case you're out of the loop, there are a few Tweets about Peter on The Bachelorette that will definitely make you wish you were the one in Hannah's shoes.

Peter the Pilot has remained relatively quiet and drama-free (so far), and Hannah seems into him. It didn't hurt that he came to the mansion dressed in full pilot gear, or that he just asked Hannah if she'd officially be his "girlfriend." He's pretty much the most adorable contestant to ever step foot on the property and, not to be dramatic, but I would take a bullet for him. But, because it's not my rose to give, time will tell if Hannah goes all in with Season 15's fan favorite (that's you, Peter).

Peter is the 27-year-old pilot from Westlake Village, California. His dad and brother are pilots, and his mom was a flight attendant. His ABC bio says he loves football, snowboarding, and line dancing, and his life motto is "you should live this life always expecting something great is about to happen to you." If that's not the sweetest thing ever, I don't know what is. From the start Peter's been a strong contender, and not just because of his cool occupation or swoony good looks. He and Hannah seem to have a real connection. This guy knows all the right words to say, and just the way to say them. Maybe it's just me, but if Hannah doesn't offer him the final rose, I think he'd make a pretty good Bachelor. Just sayin'.

Regardless of how this thing ends — with a proposal or heartbreak — the internet is all about Peter.

I'm Not The Only One Willing To Act As His Shield

All costs = keeping Luke P. out of Peter's personal space for the duration of the show.

I Could Not Say This Better Myself

Unless you're an avid Bachelorette viewer, and have had the pleasure of watching Peter's charm in action, no one will "get it." Sorry, Mom, but you don't.

This Is Every Woman, TBH

I don't want to admit this is me but it totally is.

His Charm Doesn't Come Without A Price, Though

He can't have it all; that wouldn't be fair to the others.


Side note: Does anyone even ask this question anymore? It should be required.

Not A Single Tweet Has Ever Been More Relatable

The GIF game is strong with this one.

How I Watch Peter Interact With Hannah

Actually, how America watches Peter interact with Hannah (hoping she feels the same feels I do).

When It's All Too Much

Seriously — every woman should get this question. If Hannah didn't feel the love bubbles burst around her like I did, she's not human. There; I said it.

Proof The Girlfriend Thing Got To Everyone

Maybe I was crying, too. Maybe I wasn't (I was).

Some Fans Cry Hearts For This Pilot

I mean, he brings out the best in us all.

He Uses Dad Jokes Like Nobody's Business

No other contestant can say this.

I can't say whether Peter will take this thing home in the end, but I can say that the internet is certainly rooting for him.