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Fans Say Goodbye To 'The Big Bang Theory'

by Megan Walsh
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After an incredibly popular and mildly controversial twelve season run, The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end. Its finale episode, "The Stockholm Syndrome," airs on CBS on May 16, the culmination of over a decade of storytelling. It'll be an hour-long episode that lets fans say goodbye to each and every character. But as these 11 tweets about the series finale of The Big Bang Theory show, viewers aren't totally ready to call it quits.

Millions of viewers tune in to watch this show every week, which means there will be a lot of audience members with a sudden void in their Thursday nights. According to the AV Club, The Big Bang Theory has managed to draw 18 to 20 million viewers since Season 6, a shockingly large number in our era of DVR and streaming. More than a few of those fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment that a show they'd enjoyed for so many years would no longer be around.

Despite its popularity, The Big Bang Theory has also received some criticism. Though it purports to embrace nerd culture, it does so superficially and with a reliance on stereotypes. It's not exactly the kindest to its female characters, either. But, missteps and all, it'll be missed by those who loved it.

Classic Escapism

Real life is tough and exhausting! If you need a half hour with a laugh track to unwind, then treat yourself.

Didn't See That Coming

TBBT ends the same week as another hugely successful (but very different) show: Game of Thrones. It probably won't go out with the same amount of dragon-fire and bloodshed, but you never know.

Put Off The Inevitable

If you never watch the finale, then did the show actually end? It's the perfect loophole!

Plot Twist

Since TBBT is comprised of comic-loving characters, perhaps they'll choose to pay homage to the MCU by having a purple space villain zap everyone away. Or...maybe not.

The End Is Near

It's kind of terrifying to think of how long the show has been on the air. It premiered in 2007, so a kid born that same year would be 12 years old now! There are youths out there who have never known a world without TBBT. But now they're about to.

Time To Rearrange The Schedule

Some long-running Thursday night plans are about to be derailed. But fans will still get to make the most of it one last time.

I'm Not Crying, It's Just Raining On My Face

It seems like so many fans have grown up with the show. Seeing it go must feel like the end of an era for them.

Prepare The Ice Cream

It may seem like every single show is ending lately, but don't worry: soon new shows will arrive that you might love just as much as the ones that are gone. I mean, Netflix drops a new series every fifteen minutes, so the odds are on your side.

Hulk Sad

But you should still get to wallow in your feels for a little while. Endings are sad!

Emotional Support Fluffy Puppy

If you get too emosh, however, try looking at gifs of tiny, fluffy animals. It always helps me when I'm down! Disappointment is always more palatable when it comes with a button nose and floppy ears.

I'll Miss You Most Of All, Scarecrow

It's never fun to say goodbye to a beloved crew of TV characters, but you'll have twelve years worth of reruns to keep you going. That's something, right?

TBBT might be ending, but clearly its fans are never going anywhere.

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