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11 Underrated '90s Shows To Stream On Netflix & Watch With Or Without The Kids

by Autumn Jones

After a long day of hustling, nothing can feel as relaxing as kicking back with a bowl of popcorn and getting lost in some television. Thanks to streaming, you can watch at your own pace and choose from an endless list of entertainment options. Sure, it’s fun to keep up with all the shows your friends are watching, but every now and then it feels good to have a show that’s all your own, your secret pleasure. Start loading up your queue with underrated ‘90s shows to stream on Netflix, which will give you both a nostalgic feeling and a new binge watching addiction.

Revisiting shows that may not have received all the attention they deserved in the ‘90s can be a refreshing change of pace to your usual watching habits. Whether they flew under the radar or just didn’t get enough viewership to keep them afloat, shows that got buried in TV history can be fun to dust off and try again. Just because it was never a huge hit doesn’t mean it was a bad show. Perfect example: Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Full of comedy genius, but never got an Emmy nomination.

To get down with Pee Wee and some other television gems, start watching this list of 11 underrated ‘90s shows and find your new fave.



What could be more exciting that having the ability to travel to parallel universes? Dream job, right? Dip your toe into that world as the cast of Sliders encounters alien lifeforms and natural disasters with ease.


'SeaQuest DSV'

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Lovers of all things dystopian will get hooked on this show. Now that earth is fresh out of resources, the ocean is already being colonized. It's the job of the SeaQuest team to protect civilization.


'Earth 2'

The only chance humanity has is to start over on a planet far, far from earth. Giving humans a second chance, the crew building a new society on Earth 2 is the last hope.


'Oggy And The Cockroaches'

If you liked Ren & Stimpy, you'll get hooked on Oggy And The Cockroaches. All the silliness you need wrapped into one cat and many roaches.


'Freaks and Geeks'

Although it only aired for one season, Freaks and Geeks boasts an all star cast. The show examines the struggles of high school, fitting in, and feeling left out.


'Twin Peaks'

Small town, mysterious secrets, a murder, odd characters — Twin Peaks has just enough bizzaro-ness to keep you hooked.


'Bill Nye, The Science Guy'

Leave it to Bill Nye to bring you science in a fun way. A blast from the past for you, this show is family friendly enough for the whole household.


'Pee Wee's Playhouse'

You're way more likely to pick up on some of the double entendre now that you're an adult. Pee Wee's show has a little something for everyone, so sit back and enjoy this comedy classic with the whole fam.


'Keeping Up Appearances'

In a woman's quest to climb her way to the top of the social ladder, she drives her family crazy. But that doesn't seem to stop her from getting what she wants.


'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'

What do you do when you're half-god? Battle monsters and save lives, of course.


'Powerpuff Girls'

The original girl power cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls will make you want to put on a cape and fight the bad guys. Or at least pretend to when no one is looking, anyway.