11 Underrated Christmas Movies On Netflix You're Gonna Love

Every holiday has its classic lineup of themed movies, and Christmas is obviously no exception. Basically, as soon as December starts, most people are getting cozy with movies box office hits like Home Alone and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. While you can't go wrong with these traditional favorites, it doesn't hurt to switch it up with underrated Christmas movies on Netflix that are worth adding to your queue. After all, with so many festive films out there, why not enjoy something a little different? It's part of the beauty of having a Netflix account to begin with.

On top of that, you have the luxury of watching any of these underrated Christmas movies on Netflix whenever and wherever you want. This is especially useful if your holiday season is busier than anticipated with all the entertaining you're doing, and the parties you're attending. You might find that a precise schedule is basically non-existent. With these Christmas movies on Netflix, you can enjoy a festive movie whenever you want, basically as long as you have an internet connection or have downloaded them in advance. The lack of commercials is an obvious bonus, too.

Netflix is also home to a long list of family-friendly movies that both kids and adults will love, in the Christmas category and beyond. Who knows, your little elves might even discover a new favorite or two themselves. They can only watch the same movie on repeat so many times — unless it's Frozen. Top the day off with easy snow day activities like making DIY Frozen-inspired slime and hot chocolate, and you they'll look at you like you're their hero. So kick back and queue up these underrated Christmas-themed movies on Netflix stat.


My Dad Is Scrooge

In My Dad Is Scrooge, two kids attempt to spark some Christmas spirit in their workaholic father. The best part? A gang of talking farm animals helps them out. If you have a house full of little animal lovers, this family-friendly film will be a hit.


Santa Claws

Cat fanatics of all ages will adore Santa Claws. In this festive film, poor Santa has a terrible allergic reaction to a gift sack full of adorable kittens. So, in attempt to save Christmas, the cats decide to take over and deliver gifts instead.


Angels in the Snow

These days, teaching kids about love and respect can go a really long way. Heck, even us adults can use a reminder every now and then, and Angels in the Snow is the perfect example. In this underrated movie, a bickering couple brings their family on a Christmas vacation. But when a stranded family shows up at their door, everyone learns an unforgettable lesson.


Christmas Ranch

For aspiring equestrians, Christmas Ranch is basically the perfect Christmas movie. A rebellious teen is sent to her grandmother's ranch for Christmas, and ends up bonding with one of the horses. She even becomes the movie's heroine as she tries to save the ranch from foreclosure.


Casper's Haunted Christmas

Halloween might be over, but ghosts can still get in on the festive fun. In Casper's Haunted Christmas, the world's friendliest ghost attempts to scare at least one person before Christmas Day. But is it even possible for a ghost as nice as Casper?


Home For the Holidays

In this Netflix produced movie, an adorable character named Oh attempts to bring Christmas cheer to his city. Yet, despite his well-meaning intentions, the plan almost causes destruction. Watch Home For the Holidays to find out if he can turn things around.


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!

If Dr. Seuss is a hit in your home, click on over to Netflix and watch The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas! This goofy kid-friendly film follows the Cat in the Hat and his friends as they try to find a lost baby reindeer, just in time for Christmas Day.


A Christmas Star

For another festive film with a young heroine, watch A Christmas Star. Noelle, who was born under the Christmas star, can supposedly perform miracles. But when the town is faced with trouble, can she actually save the day?


Bob's Broken Sleigh

For Bob, an extremely eager elf, nothing would be better than improving Santa's sleigh. But when he crashes far from home, three strange yet friendly critters decide to lend a hand.


Back to Christmas

In Back to Christmas, Ali is a workaholic who can't seem to shake her last breakup. So when she gets to re-do last Christmas — the day she got engaged — she's on cloud nine. But what happens when she realizes that it's not what she wanted after all?


A Christmas Prince

If you're in the mood for those warm and fuzzy fairy tale vibes, watch A Christmas Prince, an exclusive Netflix original. The movie follows an aspiring young journalist who's sent to do a story abroad, but ends up falling in love with a handsome prince.

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