11 Valentine's Day Gifts For Long Term Couples Who've Exchanged Plenty Of Chocolate Hearts

When you've been in a relationship with the same person for years, things can get a little predictable. You know one another inside and out, and can practically communicate with your minds. No matter how long you've been coupling, Valentine's Day is one holiday where you want to show how much love you put into gift-giving. So finding the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for long-term couples should be easy, right?

Well, that's the dream anyway. You would think when you've been with the same person for so long it would be second nature to pick out a gift for them, but it can actually become more difficult. Early on in your relationship, you give all sorts of romantic and thoughtful presents. But as time marches on, you realize how much work it takes to keep your partnership strong (not to mention sexy and fun). This shift in your couplehood is a game changer in the gift department. Which means you have to start thinking really hard about gifts that can bring you closer together and add value to your relationship.

You already have a drawer full of barely used lingerie, and you've given your share of nice watches and novelty coffee mugs. Those gifts have run their course. This Valentine's Day, think outside the heart-shaped box — consider one of these 11 Valentine's Day gifts for long term couples, and show your SO you're not that predictable after all.


A Weekend Away

Your couple energy always feels amped up after a weekend away together. Get out of town, and try to recreate that lusty passion you had before you saw each other in sweat pants every day.


Alone Time

Long term couples spend a lot of time together, so the gift of alone time can be one that is refreshing for both partners. Whether you have the house to yourself or you take the afternoon to go out on your own, a little alone time can go a long way.


An Adventure Excursion

Find something out of the ordinary to try together. An activity like surfing, four wheeling, or zip lining will pump up your adrenaline and your relationship.


Order A Date

Datebox delivers a date to your door every month for a year, meaning that you and your honey have a fun surprise to share together each month.


Spa Day

Life can be busy and non-stop, especially with kids in the picture. Take some time to unwind at the spa, because relaxation and robes equal a happy couple.


Sexy Games

After years together, sometimes you need a little something new to keep the bedroom steamy. Try these 12 sided erotic adult dice ($6) to get some creative juices flowing.


Psychic Reading

Need some plans for after dinner? Make an appointment to have a reading done by a psychic. It's a fun way to see what your future as a couple might hold.


A Saucy Checklist

With so many reasons to be in the mood, let your partner know your motivations with this Why I Must Have Sex With You notepad ($6). Check off as few or as many as you like, and slip it under the bathroom door while your SO is getting ready in the morning.


Get Physical

Sign up for a set of boxing classes or an register for a race. All those extra endorphins will make you feel extra happy to be spending time as a couple.


Hire A Private Chef

If you're craving a night in for Valentine's Day, but don't want to worry with shopping, prepping, and cleaning this special meal, hire a private chef for the night. They'll do all the work for you, meaning you can snuggle on the couch and drink wine while someone else chops and boils.



Let's be real — long-term relationships are hard. If yours has hit a tough spot, show your partner you're committed to making things work by setting up a few sessions for couples counseling. At least you can start there and see where things go.

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