11 Valentine's Day Memes For Single People


Does anyone particularly like Valentine’s Day? It seems like almost everyone, whether single, married, dating, or somewhere in-between, has a vague disdain for the holiday. In fact, most people I know in long-term relationships have decided to play the holiday really low-key or just ignore it altogether. But single people can often feel especially singled out by the onslaught of cards and candies in every store. Thankfully the Internet has struck back with hilarious Valentine’s Day memes for single people. And don’t worry, there isn’t a Forever Alone guy on this list.

Although the barrage of Facebook pics showing off flowers and chocolates could make any single person feel left out, these silly memes help take the piss out of this holiday and offer some perspective. After all, there are tons of other single people who have to sit through this day just like you. And who knows? You will probably have a perfectly lovely day whether you spend it with friends, family, or Netflix. Then it will be February 15 and you won’t have to deal with Valentine’s Day — and all its assorted baggage — again until next year. Side note: I wish every holiday were Halloween: all of the candy, none of the romantic angst.

1Maintain Perspective


It can be difficult for everyone to manage expectations for this much-hyped holiday.

2Free Time


You're free to spend the day doing whatever you like.

3Good Question


Yes, Patrick. Yes it is.

4Historical Perspective


V-Day wasn't always about hearts and flowers.

5It Was Fated


If only I could go back to my AOL account and right these wrongs.



There's no love like self-love.

7In The Literal Sense


It's a great comeback if someone decides to razz you about the holiday.

8On The Off Chance


I mean, you never know.

9Just Too Busy


Not everyone can be bothered by the holiday.

10Financial Perspective


You're saving time and money by being single, so there's that.

11When You Put It That Way . . .


Who could disagree with this take on V-Day?