11 Vegan Valentine's Day Chocolate Recipes Guaranteed To Get You Some Good Lovin'

No dairy, no eggs, no problemEven though there are some ingredient substitutes when baking vegan, one thing's for sure: chocolate is the star of these treats. Whether it's baked into a decadent layer cake, or whipped into a hot beverage, chocolate is the food of romance and you absolutely must make some vegan Valentine's Day chocolate recipes for you and your loved one.

Vegan recipes have become a lot more accessible over the years, and thanks to talented chefs and bakers, vegan desserts are something even a novice can master in their home kitchen. But you don't have to eat vegan to enjoy these recipes, because if there is one thing vegans and carnivores can agree on, it's that chocolate is sent straight from heaven. And Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy the gift of chocolate all day long. So get in your kitchen and start mixing together some sweets for you and your love to enjoy . . . what you do with the extra chocolate is up to the two of you.

You won't need any help getting in the mood this year with these 11 vegan Valentine's Day chocolate recipes — just enjoy chowing down on these treats and see where the evening takes you.


Vegan Chocolate Whole Wheat Waffles

Who says you have to wait for a romantic dinner to bust out the chocolate? Start Valentine's Day right with these vegan chocolate waffles from For Reals Life.


Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake

There's nothing as satisfying as sinking your fork into a chocolatey cake that's covered with frosting. This vegan chocolate layer cake from Healthy Happy Life is not exception. You're going to need a lot of Valentine's Day love to be able to share this cake.


White Chocolate Berry Tart

One of chocolates best incarnations is white chocolate, at least IMO. Have Cake, Will Travel's white chocolate tart makes the perfect ending to any vegan dinner menu.


Tuxedo Cupcakes

The name alone is fancy enough for a romantic date. Healthy Happy Life's vegan chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing (and sprinkles on top, of course) will make your day of love even sweeter.


Dark Chocolate Chickpea Pie With Pretzel Crust

When it comes to a decadent dessert, Pickles & Honey has you covered. Try their vegan chocolate pie with a pretzel crust for that salty and sweet combo.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache Tart

Want just a little something sweet with your Valentine's night cap? Try a vegan chocolate peanut butter tart from Couldn't Be Parve, and pair it with a glass of pinot noir to set the mood for some sweet love.


Chocolate Pudding With Marshmallow Fluff Topping

Want a sexy dessert on Valentine's Day, but don't have a ton of time to prep? Try this vegan chocolate pudding with marshmallow topping from Pickles & Honey.


Chocolate Cherry Cake

No treat is more quintessential Valentine's Day than a chocolate covered cherry. If you roll that concept into a cake, you end up with Pastry Affair's vegan chocolate cherry cake.


Vegan Nutella Hot Chocolate

After all that rolling around in the sheets, you may feel like a little late night snack. Whip up Pickles & Honey's vegan Nutella hot chocolate for the perfect post-sex drink. (And maybe even spike it with a little liqueur, because it is Valentine's Day after all).


Chocolate Ice "Cream"

Sometimes you're just in the mood for a bowl of ice cream, and thanks to non-dairy milks, people who eat vegan can enjoy that creamy goodness too. Whip up a batch of vegan chocolate ice cream with this recipe from Pastry Affair and have enough to share with your honey.


Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

What's better than chocolate? Double chocolate. Dive into Brown Eyed Baker's version of vegan chocolate cupcakes and treat yourself to a few. It's a holiday — splurge a little.

Images: Courtesy of: Pickles & Honey; For Reals Life; Healthy Happy Life; Have Cake Will Travel; Healthy Happy Life; Pickles & Honey; Couldn't Be Parve; Pickles & Honey; Pastry Affair; Pickles & Honey; Pastry Affair; Brown Eyed Baker