11 Life-Changing, Money-Saving Walmart Hacks

Picture this. You're shopping in your local Walmart with the items you need and the items you simply want in your cart. How is this possible you ask? Thanks to the many Walmart hacks every mom needs to know from tried and true customers, you can get the most bang for your buck. These hacks will allow you to get what's on your list while also giving you the chance to splurge on extra items with Walmart-saving deals you can't resist. Tips ranging from coupons to mobile apps will have you and your wallet saying "thank you."

Walmart is always serving deals suitable for families and makes shopping when you have limited time possible and easier. You can even grab a great bargain online if you don't have time to shop in Walmart stores. If it works for Walmart's customers, it'll work for you too. Go Banking Rates reported in April 2016 that more than 260 million people shop at Walmart and website every week, which is why it's become one of the largest retailers around.

Ready to save big money? It's time to rollback those sleeves and get to reading the 11 Walmart hacks every mom, yes you, needs to know.


Sign Up For Walmart Emails

Many stores offer email discounts, whether it's for in-store or online shopping. Walmart is no different: shopping discounts and coupons for moms are available through its email subscription. Sign up for emails on the Walmart website's main homepage.


Check For Rollback Discounts

If you're browsing online you can look to see what rollback savings your local Walmart has for you. You can search the selection of these items that are available for in-store pickup, or conveniently order them online.


Download The Walmart App

Be notified when the best deals hit Walmart with its mobile app available on Apple and Google Play stores. Some of the Walmart app (Free) features include Walmart Pay, which lets you pay at stores using your phone, and Savings Catcher, which allows you to compare Walmart prices with other stores' prices. And the best part — Walmart will match the price difference with an eGift card.


Know Your Markdown Tags

The Penny Hoarder offers a way to know your Walmart markdowns and see if you'll have more time to save in the near future. Items ending with 7 cents are the original price, items ending with 5 cents are the first markdown, and ending with 1 cent is the final markdown, according to The Penny Hoarder.


Load Up On Coupons

One of the easiest ways to save money at Walmart is to clip coupons. You can conveniently print Walmart coupons online from its website. Moms can browse coupon categories and see what brands are offering the hottest deals. Walmart also keeps track of the number of coupons you've clipped and the dollar amount saved.


Buy The Display Model

According to Money Pantry, Walmart may offer a discount when you buy the display model of a product if it's out of stock. While your item should be in good condition, you may not receive the packaging it came in or the manual for assembly. But if it's for the sake of major saving, why complain?


Plan Your Shopping Times

According to DealsPlus, the best time to shop at Walmart is before 9 a.m. to avoid the daytime rush, or late at night at the stores that are open overnight. You'll be sure to grab the best deals available and avoid crowds if you follow these rules.


Apply For A Walmart Credit Card

You can open up a Walmart credit card and save 10 percent on purchases today, according to the store's website. With your Walmart credit card you can also save 3 percent on purchases, 2 percent on Murphy USA and Walmart gas, and 1 percent at Walmart and anywhere your card is accepted.


Price Scan Everything

According to AL, one of the smartest shopping moves you can make is to price scan your items before making or holding off on a purchase. "Scan everything," AL wrote. "Prices are never what they seem." You never know, you may be one of the lucky ones and score major savings.


Know Where The Deepest Discounts Are Located

In an interview with Go Banking Rates, co-creator of the 'Whoa, Wait. Walmart?' blog Bethany Halford said items with deep discounts are placed in aisles usually near the toy or lawn and garden department. Amanda Jerkins, fellow co-creator told Go Baking Rates that shoppers should check the end caps of Walmart aisles for additional discounts.


Grocery Shop Online And Pick It Up For Free

Grocery shopping can take a lot of time if you don't have a list and there's long lines at the registers. Check to see if Walmart's free online grocery shopping and pickup service is available in your area to save your time and spend it with your family instead.