11 Ways Having Mindy Lahiri As An OB-GYN Would Mean The Best (And Worst) Birth Ever

by Leah Rocketto

I can see it now — me and Dr. Mindy Lahiri, alone in an exam room, chatting about pregnancy and all the terrible foods I’ve been craving. We’ll work in some witty banter, a few Meg Ryan references; she’ll probably compliment my shoes, lipstick, or vagina. And then later that night, she’ll shoot me a text. She’ll ask how I’m feeling, and then tell me about a crazy good sale on designer maternity jeans. I’ll send her some heart emojis back. Because if Mindy Lahiri was my OB-GYN, not just a fictional doctor on The Mindy Project, she’d be more than just my doctor — she’d be my best friend (which, she would point out, is not a person, but a tier.)

Okay so maybe she’d have one too many drinks and flake on delivering my baby. Maybe she’d be chronically late for our appointments (always with an interesting excuse), and openly give really bad financial advice. And sure she might gab about the embarrassing story I told her, but c’mon, she’s only human. Having someone like Mindy Lahiri as my OB-GYN — unapologetically rad and funny, with enough personality for an entire staff of doctors — would probably mean both the best and worst birth experience ever.


Her Brilliant Confidence Is Contagious

You may get down on yourself during pregnancy and start doubting yourself. But when you have a doctor as confident as Mindy, you’ll quickly realize that you’re basically the sh*t.


She’ll Always Find The Silver Linings

Can’t fit into your shoes anymore? Just an opportunity for fresh kicks. Need to go on bed rest? Here’s a killer list of rom-coms to watch. Mindy would always have a way to get you past the baby blues.


Even If Her Priorities Are A Little Screwy

Okay so “practical life advice” isn’t exactly a strength of hers. That OK. It’s why I’d have a separate financial planner.


She’d Be Honest With Me

There’s no sugar-coated nonsense or cryptic conversations. She’ll give it straight, without those typical “nicety” filters a normal doctor might have.


She Has Motivational Mantras For Days

Now this is a woman I’d want coaching me in the delivery room.


She’d Be Willing to Talk About Anything

Literally — no topic is off limits. And as a pregnant women, you’re bound to have a ton of awkward and potentially embarrassing questions. I’d have trouble talking to her about my raging hormones and excessive horniness.


But She Might Blab About It Later

Doctor confidentiality totally goes out the window when her office door gets shut, or her third glass of wine hits. Count on it.


But She’d Never Body Shame You, Ever

You won’t be allowed to bash your body under Dr. Lahiri’s watch. If you even think of calling yourself fat, she’ll just remind you that you’re a curvy, sex as hell, pregnant goddess.


Awkward SIlence Would Never Happen

Boring routine exam? She’s got an entertaining anecdote to fill the time.


She'd Have The Best Office Snacks

Step into her office, eat all the food.


There’s Always The Chance Of Dr. Castellano Filling In

Should Mindy find herself hungover on the day of your delivery, there’s a good chance Danny will step in a save the day. And, if you’re lucky, maybe he’ll channel Diamond Dan and give you one hell of a performance.

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