11 Ways To Keep A Toddler Cool In The Summer


No matter where you live, it seems unbearably high temperatures have hit the entire country this summer. And even though you know when the heat has become too much to handle, it may be a different story for your toddler. They may not yet have the words to express their discomfort, which means they could be suffering in silence. Young children can be affected by sunburn, dehydration and heat stroke a lot quicker than you think. Which is why whether you're at home or at the park, you should know the ways to keep a toddler cool in the summer.

Dressing them in loose comfortable clothing and limiting their time in the sun can help keep kids cool when the weather is hot. You should also be sure to keep your kids hydrated, taking plenty of breaks to drink water. And most importantly, watch for signs that your child has had too much sun, and get them to a cool, shady place.

You can make summer a lot more fun for you and your toddler by playing it safe with these cool tips. And you can celebrate the end of a fun summer day with a sweet, cool treat. Because everyone knows that an ice cream cone is one of the most delicious parts of summer.

1Dress For The Heat


According to Parents, loose fitting, lightweight, cotton clothing is best to keep your kid cool when the temps heat up.

2Drink Lots Of Water


As Parents magazine suggests, kids should take a break from play every 20 minutes to drink water when the weather is hot.

3Find The Air Conditioning


If you're going to leave home on a hot summer day, seek out air conditioning in libraries, movie theaters, or museums, according to BabyCenter.

4Give Kids A Cool Treat


Beat the heat with a cool treat. Take a break from your summer fun to enjoy an ice cream cone or popsicle with your toddler. If ice cream isn't your thing, try freezing a yogurt tube before leaving home.

5Make An Ice Pack


This Lil Piglet advised parents to keep frozen gel packs handy on summer outings that can be applied to a child's neck if they become overheated.

6Get Out Early


As Baby Center suggested, when the temperatures are high, it is best to do your outdoor activities in the early morning or early evening hours. The hottest hours of the day are generally between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

7Get Shady


If you're going to be out in the sun, Huffington Post suggests you dress your little one in sunglasses and a sun hat to protect their head and eyes from the sun.

8Make A Game Of It


Make staying cool fun for your toddler by playing with water balloons, a kiddie pool, or even the hose in your backyard.

9Keep Them Out Of The Car


Huffington Post also reminds parents never to leave children unattended in the car. Even a few minutes alone with the windows cracked can become a dangerous situation.

10Take A Cool Bath


After a fun day in the sun, your little one will probably be ready for the tub. The Australian Department of Health's website, Pregnancy Birth & Baby, suggests a cool bath at the end of the day can help keep him cool on a hot summer night.

11Watch For Signs That Your Child Is Overheating


What to Expect cautions parents to watch for signs of heat exhaustion in your toddler, since they may not be able to tell you. Lack of energy, extreme thirst, and skin that is very warm to the touch, are just a few signs that you should get your toddler to a cool, shaded area as soon as possible.