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11 Ways To Rock Your Trendy Braids Like A Pro

It’s 2016 and the box braid trend has successfully been revived! Although many haven’t rocked a full head of braids since the early '90s, over the last two years, the style has found its way back into our list of hair favorites. Sometimes though, finding ways to rock your trendy new braids can prove to be difficult if you've opted to stray away from them for a while.

Whether you prefer to rock them in a bob or down your back, there’s no escaping the beauty that is found with this back by popular demand style. For most, opting to get the braids longer than shoulder length has become a chic option for either the protection of natural hair or to just switch the style up for a few weeks. Easy to maintenance and ideal for the woman on the go, box braids have become the go-to style for most women looking to add a little flair to their hair.

For me, box braids are a go-to when I'm ready to switch up my look. Though you're limited to wearing them down on the first few days due to a sore head, by the second week, every style is at your command. I'm a fan of wearing my braids down my back, but I'm always scouring the 'net to find cool new styles to really set my look off.

From the casual top bun to the french braid, take a look at this list of 11 ways to rock your trendy new braids like a pro.


High Ponytail

Normally reserved for the wearer of longer braids, the high ponytail is one of my favorite styles to sport when I'm looking for a switch up on my waist-length braids.


Half-Up, Half-Down Top Knot

My number one go-to when the back of my hair isn't in the best shape, the half-up, half-down top knot is cute to wear with any outfit choice.


Fishtail Ponytail

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Though this isn't one I've tried personally, the multiple variations of the fishtail braid became one of the most popular braids to wear in summer 2015, according to Cosmopolitan.


Box Braid Bob

Very popular in the early '90s, the box braid bob is a great style for those who are not fond of the longer and heavier braids.


Tied With a Scarf

I usually reserve my days for sporting a scarf or headband toward the end of wearing my braids, because my edges are usually all over the place. But many women use this style as a cute addition to the already lovable style.


Middle Part

Quite possibly the only way possible to wear your new braids during the first few days, the middle part style is quick, easy, and fitting for all wardrobe choices.



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Since I'm not a huge fan of wearing my braids parted down the center, the side part is always a life-saver for me when I'm looking to actually wear my hair down.


Side-Part, Pulled Back

While the side-swept style is surely one of my favorites, sometimes keeping the hair out of your face can be a task. Quickly fixed with a clip or hair tie, pulling the hair back while already side-swept creates a totally different and elegant or casual look for every occasion.


Long And Flowy

The longer the braids, the higher the slay is what I always say. Just ask Queen Bey!


Top Bun

Having a lazy day, but still want something cute to do to your braids? The top bun is a great way to show off your face with as little work as possible.


With Color

Whether you're a fan of blonde, green, purple, or red, throwing a little color in with your braids can take you from fitting in to standing out this summer.