11 Ways To Step Up Your Kissing Game So You & Your SO Can Look Like A Scene From 'The Notebook'

Kissing is awesome, plain and simple. Whether you're partaking in a first kiss full of butterflies and anticipation, or you're engaged in a passionate make out session with your long-term partner, locking lips is fun and feels good. And if want it to be even more enjoyable, you can up your smooching game and become an even better kisser. Kissing is a skill, and just because you've been doing it for years doesn't mean you have it mastered. No matter how great of a kisser you are, there is always room for even more improvement.

If you want your kiss to look (and more importantly feel) more like Allie and Noah and less like Lady and The Tramp, there are tips and tricks you can try out in the bedroom (or in the car, on the couch, on the street... you get it.) You can instantly improve your game of tonsil hockey with a few simple tweaks or experiments. And, like anything, practice makes perfect, so the best thing you can do to become a better kisser is to just keep kissing. How's that for homework?


Check Your Breath

Nobody wants to kiss someone with garlic breath. So if you're in the mood for a make-out session, take the time to clean up. Mouthwash, mints, gum — whatever your breath freshener of choice, use it.


Take Initiative

If you want to give your guy a kiss he won't forget, initiate it yourself. Don't wait for him to come to you — guys are totally tuned on by a woman who takes sexual initiative. Plus it's fun to be in charge.


Move Beyond The Lips

Sure, the lips are the main location for a kiss, but don't neglect other body parts when you're in the middle of a make out. Lay your lips on every inch of your partner. And 96 percent of women like neck kisses, so that's something to consider.


Open Your Mouth More

There's a time and a place for a polite peck, and there is also a time and a place for an erotic, steamy kiss, like anywhere else. Research has shown that French kisses are extra desirable, so open your mouth for a wetter, more passionate smooch.


Get Handsy

A kiss has never been ruined by running your hands through your partner's hair or stroking their cheeks. So use your hands.


Lucious Lips

Kissing dry lips is like kissing sandpaper, so keep your pout in optimal kissing condition by lathering on the chapstick. But don't overdo it on the gloss. No matter how fresh your pout looks with that sheen, no one likes a sticky kiss.


Put Your Tongue In To It

A lips-only kiss is fine, but if you want to really up the ante, use your tongue, and use it frequently. It is the strongest muscle in the body, after all.


Know Your Partner

One of the benefits of being in a long term relationship is that you know what your partner likes. If you've been kissing the same person for a while, use this to your advantage. Pay attention to what they respond to, and make sure to repeat it again and again.


Remember The Ears

Don't underestimate the ears as a potential erogenous zone. Whether you suck, nibble or lightly kiss your partner's earlobe, just make sure you don't neglect this very sensitive body part.


Press Your Hips Together

Lock your lips and connect your hips. Eliminating any space between you two in this region will instantly amp up the heat.


Be An Active Participant

The best way to be a better kisser? Be involved and be excited. Be actively engaged and present with your partner, and you're sure to have the mind-blowing kiss you've always dreamed of.

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