11 Ways To Warm Up Before Bed To Avoid Freezing At Night

I'm one of the biggest fans of winter you'll ever meet. Blanket scarves and coffee are my love languages. I get more giddy about snow than I do on Christmas morning. I would take a day in the mountains over a day on the beach. One thing I don't love about winter, however, is freezing my a** off when I'm trying to get a good night sleep. Finding ways to warm up before bed so you don't turn into a human popsicle at night can be tricky, but it's not impossible.

Although some studies suggest that sleeping in a colder room (around 65 degrees) helps you sleep better, rooms can feel a lot colder than that come winter time. And Lord knows you won’t get any rest if you’re too busy shivering or waking up every hour to find another blanket.

Tips for getting a warmer night’s sleep aren't just for people who live where it snows ten months out of the year. And some are so easy you'll be asking yourself why you spent so many nights shivering under the covers when all it takes is a few easy tweaks to get raise your body temperature enough to sleep soundly.


Pile On The Blankets

Investing in some flannel sheets and a nice wool blanket will keep you warm all night long.


Use A Hot Water Bottle

Though a hot water bottle may not be the most glamorous method, it definitely works. Slip one of those bad boys in a pillow case and hold it closet for a comfortable night's sleep.


Do Some Light Exercise or Stretching Before Bed

Fitness wrote that doing a few easy exercises or yoga poses before bed will get your body temperature up, giving you a boost for the cold night ahead.


Drink A Hot Cup Of Tea

There's something soothing and warm about holding a warm mug in your hands. Just make sure your beverage isn't caffeinated, or that defeats the entire purpose.


Take A Warm Bath Or Shower

Probably the easiest way to warm up your entire body before bed is to soak in the bath before hitting the sack. Be sure to have a warm robe nearby though, because there's nothing worse than being blasted with cold air right after a hot bath.


Wear Layers

A no-brainer, but an important step to take if you want to stay warm. Socks (and even a hat, if necessary) will keep the heat from escaping your body. Wearing long sleeved shirts and leggings will also give you an added layer of protection.


Snuggle Up

Utilize any extra body heat in your home, be it your dog or your partner. .


Cover Up Your Bare Floor

U.S. News notes that a good rug can warm up your room, and therefore your body. Because a lot of heat may be escaping through your floor, adding a rug will not only makes rooms warmer, but makes hardwood floors more bearable to walk on in the winter.


Prevent Cold Air From Getting In

Hang thick curtains, push foam stoppers underneath the doorway, and shut rooms that aren't in use to keep the heat in and the cold air out.


Buy A Humidifier

According to Popsugar, warm mist humidifiers can keep a room warm while preventing the air from becoming to dry.


Throw Your PJ's In The Dryer

I can't think of many feelings better than stepping into a warm pair of PJs straight from the dryer. Doing the same with your blankets will make you forget that it's even cold outside.


Bake A Bedtime Snack

Turning on your oven is a low-energy way to heat up your whole house. And you'll get a warm, delicious snack to boot. Just make sure to shut it off before bed.

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