11 Weird Things That Happen When You Orgasm

Sure, orgasms feel great, but how much do you know about their effects on your body and mind? The weird things that happen when you orgasm may surprise you, because there's a lot of activity going on even when it feels like your brain is shorting out. Your moment of bliss relies on many physical, mental, and even emotional responses. It's weirder and more fascinating that you may realize.

Yes, there's a reason your hands may clench and shake or your face makes the weirdest expressions ever. It's all a part of the orgasmic response. Both your brain and body undergo some serious changes to make sure you get that all-important pleasurable feeling.

So whether you're with a longterm partner, dating, or flying solo, it's cool to know the dynamics of orgasmic reaction. It might help explain why you just don't have any worries for a few moments after the big O, or why your face gets super red for a while. And who knows? Maybe learning more about the dynamics of orgasms will help your own ones become even better. If nothing else, you can hang on to these fun facts to liven up your next dinner party or board meeting.


Your Clit Enlarges

Yes, even ladyparts go through some physical changes. When you're aroused, your clitoris grows and swells thanks to its erectile tissue, as noted by Your Tango. Try to watch out for these changes the next time you approach orgasm.


You Experieince Contractions

Orgasms do not just affect an isolated part of your body. At the point of orgasm, you may experience pleasant contractions in your vagina, uterus, and the immediate area, as explained by Buzzfeed.


You Develop Strange Facial Expressions

So maybe that mirror on the ceiling wasn't such a great idea: your face certainly does some weird acrobatics when you get close. But as noted in Buzzfeed, those "O face" expressions may be caused by activity in your cerebellum, which is in control of your increased muscle tension during sex. Fortunately, those cringe-y expressions aren't just you being overly dramatic.


Your Brain Releases Dopamine

There's a reason you feel so amazing during and after the big O. According to Psychology Today, orgasms give you the largest natural hit of dopamine you can get. There's a reason they can feel so addictive.


Your Thoughts Are Frantic

Losing your higher-level brain functions is one of the more fun aspects of orgasm. And there's a reason for this, too: as noted by Women's Health, your frontal cortex helps facilitate abstract thought. This makes your fantasies that much easier to flow.


Your Face Flushes

Isn't blushing such a pleasant feeling? According to SexMD, the sex blush is caused by oxytocin, which is released by the bucketload when you orgasm. It's the telltale sign you're having a blast.


Your Pain Sensitivity May Decrease

Got a headache? As noted in Women's Day, orgasm may reduce your pain response. A romp in the sack or a little alone time with your vibe may be just what the doctor ordered.


Your "Voice of Reason" Shuts Up

Sometimes, letting loose is the best feeling of all. As noted by Medical Daily, the lateral orbitofrontal cortex (AKA voice of reason) closes down when you're orgasming. It's easy to feel good when you can't worry.


You May Grasp Reflexively

Do your hands and feet tend to spazz during orgasm? It's normal. As explained by WebMD, it's common for a grasping reflex to happen when you orgasm. It's weird but normal.


It Could Blend

Will it blend? Maybe. As noted in Cosmopolitan, it's possible to have both a clitoral and G-spot orgasm at the same time. Care to double your pleasure?


You're More Open To Deep Conversation

OK, maybe not during the orgasm. But pillow talk exists for a reason. As explained by a study in Communication Monographs, people who experienced orgasm were more willing to disclose important information to their partner. (But chances are, you didn't need a study to tell you this).