11-Year-Old Girl Delivers Her Mom's Baby, & 4 Other Kids Who Were Casually Heroic — VIDEO

Some kids spend ages every morning playing video games, refusing to eat breakfast, or trying to decide what outfit to wear to school. Others, like 11-year-old Caitlin Knightley, deliver babies. No, really. When her mom, Tara Knightley, went into labor one school morning with her fifth child, things moved faster than anyone expected, and Caitlin ended up acting as a junior midwife, safely helping her mother give birth before just casually trotting off to school like it wasn't even a thing. What a badass.

Knightley’s partner had just left home to take their youngest child to his sister’s house when her water broke. She knew from her experience with past births that things would move quickly at that point, so she had her daughter call an ambulance. From there, they guided her by phone through all of the things she needed to do to help her mom through the labor and delivery as it progressed over the following two hours.

Caitlin did indeed play a vital role in her little sister’s delivery: The baby was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, and she helped unwrap it, and then helped to stimulate the baby by rubbing it, when she wasn’t crying at first. Again, what a badass. I can’t begin to imagine how crazy this scenario must have been, and I’m someone who had a home birth a year and a half ago. I also gave birth two short hours after my water broke, but I had 3 midwives and a husband helping me through. So I am seriously giving this mom and her daughter an internet high five from across the pond.

Did I mention that she went off to school after all of this? And that now she’s considering pursuing a career as a midwife? This girl is killing it already.

Caitlin isn't the only kid whose quick thinking and acting has been imperative to the positive outcome of a crisis. Check out these other kids who were heroes when they needed to be.

This Junior Firefighter

This 10-year-old boy's house was burning to the ground, when he realized his little sister, who was six at the time, was still in their home, so he ran back in to save her. Why? Because he's "her big brother and he has to protect her." Incredible.

This 9-Year-Old Boss

This 9-year-old boy was being driven to the hospital by his mom to get stitches for a split chin. They were driving along the highway when his mom suddenly had a seizure, causing the car to begin swerving. So what did he do? He took over the wheel and helped steer them to safety.

This 4-Year-Old Who Sang His Address

This 4-year-old boy had the wherewithal to call 911 after his mom fell down the stairs and was lying unconscious. He had been taught his address, and so was able to tell the dispatcher where he lived, because guess what? Cell phones don't transmit addresses. Talk about a good reason to teach your kids their address from a young age.

This Girl Who Is A Billion Times Braver Than I Am

This incredible 9-year-old girl saved her younger sister's life by pushing her out of the way of an oncoming truck. In the process, she suffered extensive injuries, including losing a kidney and a leg, and nearly died herself. When asked why she made that split-second decision to put herself in harm's way instead of her sister, she replied "because she was too young to get hit like that." Unbelievable and heart-wrenching.

Image: Marco Assini/Flickr