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Your Twin Will Love Any Of These 12 Quirky & Cute Gifts From Amazon

Being a twin your whole life might lead you to take it for granted, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a person they can share everything, which is why you gotta celebrate each other when you can. Amazon Prime has twin gifts you can get within 24 hours, so you can get a present to your literal day one as quickly as possible. Fingers crossed you don't order each other the same thing.

How many people can say they've had someone by their side since the minute they entered the world (actually, even before). Twins are bonded like nothing else in the world, sharing everything before they even fully form into human beings. If you are a part of a pair, it's likely your twin is the person you look to when you need someone who can understand exactly how you're feeling, or the person you call when you can't remember if you learned to tie your shoes at age 6 or 7. They're like a walking record of your life, and you gotta show them how much you love them somehow — a gift isn't a bad way to do it.

So check out a few options you can order on Amazon Prime the next time you want to treat your twin (and get a matching one for yourself too).


Matching Pair Keychain

These keychains say exactly who you are to each other, so they'll definitely get the message. Plus, it's a gift to you too because you can keep the other chain. Just don't be surprised if the younger twin rolls their eyes at being called number two.


Horoscope Constellation Zodiac Sign Necklace

This is a subtle twin gift, which is why it's a great choice. It points out your shared birth date without being flashy about it, and you can snag yourself a matching one so you'll feel even more connected. They're available for all signs.


My Sister Has an Awesome Sister Wine Tumbler

If you feel like teasing your twin sister whilst giving her a useful gift, this tumbler is perfect. The glass will keep her wine cold when she's at a cookout, and it'll be like you're always with her. Win win.


Cute Cartoon Best Friend Printed Crop Tops

These adorable matching shirts will be a hit at your next family vacation. You two can strut down the beach wearing them as coverups, or rock them as casual everyday wear. People don't need a reminder that you're a set thanks to the whole looking alike thing, but why not send the message home?


Soul Sisters Bracelet

This delicate soul sister bracelet is a simple way to show your sister that you care. The circles are linked, just like you two. Think of it like a grown-up friendship bracelet.


Game Of Twins Shirt

This is a great option if your twin loves Game of Thrones as much as they love you. It comes in mens and women's sizes, so you can match even if you and your sib are different genders. And it might just help them mourn the show's ending.


Twinsies Matching Twin Shirt

This mug is perfect for your twin brother who doubles as your kids' favorite uncle. He'll use it with pride whenever he needs a caffeine pick me up, and you can say it's from you and the kiddos. He'll be over the moon.


Brilliant and Beautiful Sisters Matted Picture Frame

Your twin will love this picture frame, but she'll love whatever photo you put in it of you two more. It offers a good excuse to get some pictures printed, and she can keep it updated as you make more memories. It's a gift for years to come.


Super Mario Bros Hat

These hats are kind of a gag gift, but it would be really fun if you showed up wearing them at Thanksgiving. They can also double as part of your Halloween costume or function independently so you don't have to wear them together. Why not emulate one of the best duos of all time?


Thing 1 & Thing 2 Crew Socks

Speaking of awesome duos, these Thing 1 and Thing 2 socks lets your twin remember you two are a pair wherever they go. They're subtle enough that they can wear them with pants at work and not get caught, but they can also be shown off. Buy yourself a matching pair for extra fun.


Matching Twin Siblings Cuff

These sassy cuffs are fun and sweet, and your twin will definitely think of you when they wear them. They're made stainless steel without nickel (in case your twin is allergic), and you can wear them individually or as a set. It's up to you.


Sister Gifts Trinket Dish

This sweet trinket dish is a great knick knack she'll actually use, as she can store her jewelry in it. The cursive is beautiful, so it'll look great on her nightstand or bathroom counter. And now you'll know where to look when you want to borrow her best earrings.