12 Brilliant Potty Training Tools & Toilets That…

by Kate Johnson

Kids seem to learn something new every day. But out of all the developmental milestones to achieve, there's only one that equally instills fear and pride in the hearts of mothers everywhere: teaching your infant to use the bathroom. Fortunately, there are so many potty training products that make learning so more simpler.

Unlike other landmarks, potty training challenges can sometimes impede progress, in a way. Think about it. They've spent their whole lives peeing and pooping comfortably in their pants, and all of a sudden their parents want them to drop everything (including their pants) and go do their business while sitting on a cold, hard piece of porcelain multiple times per day.

Experts have all sorts of theories and make all sorts of promises about how to potty train as fast as possible. Ultimately, however, your child will go at their own pace and all you can do is help the learning process go more smoothly. Once they're ready, products to make potty training easier can make a big difference as you work toward a diaper-free future. Items like kid-size potties, a watch to remind them when it's time to "go," and disposable seat liners for public toilets could be the answers to your potty training prayers.

Unfortunately, no one has invented a product to help kids learn to wipe themselves (I suggest baby wipes, downward dog, and the bravest face you can muster), but at least the following potty training tools can help make getting your little one into big-kid underpants simpler.


A Realistic Training Potty

For some children, starting on a training potty that looks like the real thing can make the inevitable transition easier. Enter this porcelain lookalike potty. It's just like the ones grown-ups use (minus the plumbing), and it features a pretend flusher and a built-in wipes compartment for convenience. A clip-on splashguard helps keep pee in the bowl, which can be removed for easy cleaning.


A Stool And Seat Combo To Help Them Climb Up On Their Own

Helping your child get one step closer to potty independence, this combined step stool and potty seat lets little ones get on the potty all by themselves. No-slip floor pads and handles help keep your little one safe while protecting your flooring from scratches, and a collapsible frame allows for easy storage once your kid has this potty thing down pat.


A Practice Urinal For Training Boys

Moms are pretty much experts at everything, with the exception of one thing: peeing standing up. To help your little dude learn to pee like a big boy, consider adorning your bathroom with a plastic training urinal shaped like a whale. Suction cups keep it firmly affixed to the wall — though you can simply rest on the floor if you prefer — and a spinning water wheel gives your little learner something to aim for. It's lightweight and easy to clean, to boot.


A Two-In-One Toilet Seat For Adults And Infants

Brightly patterned potties with characters on them may be an enticing way to get your kid to sit on the john, but it's understandable that you might not want them to take over every bathroom in your house. For a more understated approach, check out the TinyHiney two-in-one toilet seat, which has a built-in kid seat. Slow-closing hinges keep fingers (and eardrums) safe. For those of us with regular-size butts, simply raise the kid seat.


A Potty Seat For On-the-Go Training

Kids have a way of needing to go potty at the most inopportune times, but with the OXO Tot 2-in-1 potty for on-the-go, parents of potty trainers can breathe a little easier. Pop the legs out for a standalone potty (don't forget to stock up on the accompanying disposable bags), or tuck them away to use on a grown-up toilet. Keep one in your car so you can be prepared for any sudden pee-mergencies.


A Carseat Protector For Accidents

Accidents are bound to happen while potty training, but a urine-soaked carseat is not a fun cleaning project. A waterproof seat liner will help keep your carseat free of pee, plus crumbs, spilled drinks, and even wet bathing suits. The liner is compatible with any harnessed carseat, although it's important to note that it has only been crash-tested with harnessed Britax car seats. If your carseat isn't Britax, you should check with the manufacturer about using third-party, aftermarket products since their guidelines will vary.


Disposable Potty Liners For Public Restrooms

For the truly germaphobic, those flimsy paper liners you find in public restrooms are, to put it nicely, totally useless. They slip off and get torn up, and kids have a way of touching the one tiny sliver of exposed toilet. And, let's be real, there isn't enough hand sanitizer in the world for that. The good news is that these individually wrapped disposable seat covers offer maximum coverage to make even the grimiest of bathrooms usable.


A "Flushable" Training Potty With A Friendly Face

A little encouragement can go a long way for kids who are potty training. This electronic Learn-to-Flush potty has built-in sensors that detect wetness, so when your little one makes it to the potty in time, the cheerful, smiling potty plays music and sounds as a reward. After getting down to business, kids will love the pretend flush feature. Additionally, the blue seat fits on grownup toilets to make the transition to the real thing easier.


A Urinal For On-the-Go Emergencies

First things first: no, these aren't sippy cups. Although they may look a bit silly, any mom who's spent time searching in vain for a public bathroom or even just a semi-private corner can see the value in a portable urinal that works for kids of any gender. Stash one in your car or stroller, and you'll never be without potty access again.


A Self-Contained Travel Potty That's Surprisingly Cute

Potty training can be stressful enough to make even the calmest of parents feel like they never want to leave the house again, but this all-in-one portable potty helps keep things as neat as possible. Simply pop off the lid to reveal a potty seat with an integrated splashguard and a storage compartment for wipes, making "but I have to go now" easier than ever. Plastic liners aren't included, so be sure to purchase a few packs separately for easy disposal. Plus, it's got a chic and simple design.


A Reminder Watch To Tell Kids When It's Time To Go

Anyone who's potty trained a child knows that it order to avoid cleaning up lots of "accidents," you spend a lot of time asking your budding big kid if they have to use the bathroom. This programmable potty watch with a built-in timer makes the task easier than ever by playing music and flashing lights every 30, 60, or 90 minutes to remind your child that it's time to head to the toilet.


Training Pants To Help Kids Learn

For kids learning to make the transition from diapers to underwear, disposable, absorbent training pants are a must. In addition to teaching kids how to pull them off and on themselves, the Cool & Learn training pants by Huggies deliver a cooling sensation when wet, so kids can quickly learn to associate the feeling of "gotta go" with "oops, I went."

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