12 Brilliant Products That Help Babies Sleep…

by Bianca Mendez

Ever dream of those nights when your baby falls sound asleep for more than three hours? Luckily, there are a few brilliant products that help babies sleep through the night that can make those blissed night happen. Whether it's helping your little one sleep until sunrise or getting your baby to fall asleep in the first place, there are baby bedtime products that can help.

Whether or not you've tried every trick in the book on how to get your baby to sleep, including taking advice from friends and family, it can feel like nothing seems to be working. You go through your routine: shut off the lights, head to your own bed, you hear crying, drag yourself out and back in the nursery. Nothing seems to work Whether it's a string of fussy nights or your baby hasn't gotten into a full-on sleep routine, it's frustrating to deal with a wide-awake tyke. Especially because you could really use those extra hours in bed to function (or so you think).

Remember that all kids are different, and getting adjusted to a new routine is as challenging for them as it is for you. Enter these life-changing baby sleep aids, ranging from soothers to night lights and charming crib mobiles. Scroll down to see the picks that will help your little one — and you — sleep tight throughout the night.


A Sleep Soother That's A Hoot

This innovative and, let's be honest, adorable owl night light soother has multiple modes to help calm your baby as bedtime approaches. The different modes include four soft melodies, nature calls, and a night light that projects moons and stars anywhere in the room.


An Adorable Friend

There's nothing more comforting than a cuddly stuffed animal by your bedside. Enter this "Snugapuppy" by Fisher Price, whose heart stitch is enough for your little one to be entirely obsessed. Its squeezable heart activates 10 minutes of vibrating and and soft humming sounds that will win over any fussy baby. And because he's portable, this puppy makes the best travel companion.


A Soother That Provides Lullabies On Demand

This is the on-the-go sound soother that every mom needs in their life. Because it's lightweight, you can bring it anywhere to win over your fussy baby. With four modes of sound, including lullaby and heartbeat, this soother will soon be you and your baby's favorite toy.


A Group Of Dancing Teddy Bears

Sheep are so overrated. Instead, let this sweet singing teddy bear mobile be what gets your baby to sleep. Once you turn on this mobile, it plays classic lullaby music as the bears dance around. Sweet dreams indeed.


A Secure Swaddle

Got a fussy newborn in your hands? A good swaddle will get your kid fast asleep in no time. This one contains hook and loop attachments to fasten your baby in for ultimate security and comfiness. And a happy, sleeping baby means a happy mom.


A Friend And Blanket In One

You know that there's nothing like curling up burrito-style in a warm blanket when bedtime hits, so why not do the same for your kid? This plush monkey blanket does double-duty to keep your baby warm in bed, in addition to serving as a playful companion. Plus, it's compact enough to take anywhere from the stroller to long car rides, so hopefully you can have a peaceful ride. What more could you ask for in a blanket?


Baby Aromatherapy

Aside from smelling amazing, Johnson's baby lotion formula is made with calming aromas and therapies to keep babies feeling relaxed with bedtime strikes. And as an aside, the smell is so good, that you might want to use it on yourself too. Just be sure you're not the one who falls asleep.


A Cuddly Giraffe Pal

This soft, friendly giraffe is about to be your baby's new bedtime BFF. Press on the heart (located on the giraffe's stomach) to play soothing music and activate a soft glow that comforts your tired little one. After 15 minutes of playing lullabies, it goes into sleep mode — just like your baby will be.


ASAP Teething Relief

If teething is the thing keeping your baby and you from a good night's sleep, then try this calming solution for some quick R&R. This formula is all natural, made from herbs mixed in with an apple cider (or sweet glycerin) base that will provide relief to your kid's painful gums. It even gets the vegan stamp of approval, so you know that it's safe for your baby to ingest.


All Night Wetness Protection

Wet diapers in the middle of the night isn't a pleasant feeling. These Huggies will keep your tyke dry for up to 12 hours, and they are designed with maximum absorption to prevent any midnight accidents. Trust me, your kid will thank you by letting you sleep more.


Some Extra Support

If you're nervous about your kid developing flat head syndrome, then this shaping pillow will soothe your worries. Designed to reduce your baby's risk of SIDS, this pillow is made from memory foam for extra support on your kid's head. The pillow also has extra shoulder room to avoid any neck strains from your little one. Now, mommy and baby can sleep soundly.


The Perfect Pair Of Pajamas

I'm a big believer of the magical powers of a good pair of pajamas. Soft and comfortable, the right set has the ability to make you fall asleep anywhere. And these Kushies sleeper pajamas are it. Charming elephants, giraffes, and other zoo animals adorn these pajamas with little footies to keep feet extra warm. A snap closer is also designed for easy diaper changing access, while your eyes are still half asleep.

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