Jack & Zero, Woody & Jessie, & More Perfect Disney Halloween Costumes For Siblings

I love coordinating costumes for my two kids. There is just so much potential for cuteness in designing costumes that they can wear together. Plus, companies like Disney make it easy for parents like me to dress their kids according to a theme. Whether they want to be the superheroes they see on the screen or they're at the age when "Hot Diggety Dog" is their #1 jam, these Disney costumes for siblings are basically the cutest ever.

The great thing about Disney costumes is that once they've been worn for Halloween, they make spectacular dress-up clothing. One year, my daughter went as Minnie Mouse and my son went as Captain Hook, and I cannot tell you how often those kids put those costumes back on to play pretend. My daughter eventually commandeered her brother's pirate hat and boots when he grew too large for them to use for her own wild adventures.

These Disney costumes for siblings are perfect for families who love being a matched set. And it's worth mentioning that this approach can really curtail fighting: The parents pick the theme, and the kids can go with it... not like when one child wants all the kids to be zombies, and the other wants all the kids to be fairy princesses with magic wands and sparkle hair. (Speaking from experience.)


Jessie & Woody

Howdy, partner! If you've ever been personally victimized by the melancholy that strikes after watching a Toy Story franchise installment, you'll know that this is a fraught choice, but it's also freaking adorable. Sure, it is a visible reminder that a cartoon can rip your heart out, but so what. It happens. Kids grow up. They lose eating utensils. I can move on from this eventually.


Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

You could also do Pan and Hook, or Hook and Tink. These costumes are so cute, and the Tink costume has all sorts of accessories from light-up shoes to a glowing wand. The tiara sparkles, and the leaves of her tutu are adorable. I can't imagine a kid not being bowled over by it.



If your kids are between the ages of 7 and 13, you have heard the song "Good To Be Bad" over and over again. To the point where you hear it in your nightmares. Sure, I only vaguely recognize the characters, but that's only because my children are old enough to watch their shows without me, and I only have to hear it ringing from the stereo in the car and their iPads everywhere else. But hey, the costumes are cute. Prices range from $20 to $55, depending upon the pieces you choose.


Darth Vader & Stormtrooper

Hear me out. The parents go as Leia and Han, the kids are Darth and a stormtrooper. How cute is that? I could absolutely get my husband to dress up as Han Solo provided I also buy the gold bikini for later in the night. Prices range from $50 to $55, depending upon which pieces you choose.


Jack Skellington & Zero

I can quote this entire movie from start to finish, and therefore made my children watch it with alarming regularity. I'm happy to report that my daughter can now also quote the entire film, and quotes it in regular conversation. Whenever anything is lost, my daughter will chime in "Did anyone think to dredge the lake?" a la the mayor in Nightmare Before Christmas.

It's no surprise I'd want to dress my kids up as Jack and his trusty ghost dog, Zero. I'm just surprised I haven't done it, yet.

The Jack Skellington costume ranges in price from $45 to $55.


Violet & Dash

Dash and Violet are siblings in the film, and with the ferocity with which they fight, it's actually a believable relationship. Having your kids dress up as Violet and Dash is really cute, even if by the time you get to the umpteenth house, you wish that you could turn invisible and your partner wishes that they could run fast enough to hit all the remaining houses in a few minutes. I'm just saying.