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No Time To Knit Before March For Our Lives? Here Are 12 Evil Eye Products You Can Order

Just as the symbol for the Women's March was the pink pussy hat, the emblem for this Saturday's March For Our Lives (MFOL) has become the evil eye glove. Knitting patterns and how-to videos are available for free online, but if you aren't the crafty type, or don't have the time to make yourself a pair of hand warmers by Saturday, there are still plenty of evil eye products you can buy last-minute to show your solidarity with the MFOL.

But before you start shelling out, you may be wondering what this symbol is all about. Why would anyone want to wear an evil eye?

The answer is, you wouldn't. The evil eye symbol is not actually an evil eye. Instead, it's an amulet designed to ward off the evil eye, which is an ancient "curse transmitted through a malicious glare, usually one inspired by envy," according to the BBC. Both the curse and the talisman, also called a nazar, have existed in many different cultures for thousands of years. More recently, the symbol has become a fashion accessory for the likes of Kim Kardashian — who's worn it in bracelets and headgear — and Gigi Hadid, who brought out her EyeLove shoe line last November.

That said, the inspiration for bringing the evil eye symbolism to the MFOL isn't haute couture; it's to create a "sea of eyes" to show Congress that people are watching, according to Lifehacker. So if you want to show your support for the movement, there's plenty of swag available on short notice, with options to suit anyone's personal sense of style.

Evil Eye Gloves

Evil Eye Gloves ($25, Etsy)

It's not easy to find evil eye gloves that can be at your door in time for Saturday's march, but if that's what you have your heart set on, the Etsy shop CrochetHurray has your back. These attractive hand warmers are ready to go in one business day, with expedited shipping available.

Evil Eye Ring in Sterling Silver

Evil Eye Ring in Sterling Silver ($18, Target)

This rose gold-colored sterling silver ring makes a small but potent statement. It's also available in silver and gold tones.

Evil Eye Enamel Pin

Evil Eye Enamel Pin ($10, Etsy)

This pin, from Etsy shop These Are Things, is a good option for anyone who doesn't like to wear jewelry, and can be delivered in no time. It would look great on a jacket, hat, backpack, stroller sun shade... take your pick.

Rose Gold-Plated Evil Eye Earrings

Rose Gold-Plated Evil Eye Earrings ($15, Etsy)

These small but striking cubic zirconia posts will certainly make a statement on Saturday. And they're especially handy if rain is in the forecast, as the seller, LuckyCharmsUSA, says they're safe to get wet. Available in rose, silver, and gold hues, they'll be in your mailbox within just a few days. Of course, if you happen to be in the market for a serious upgrade, you can opt for the version in 14k solid gold with real diamonds and sapphires for $162.

Evil Eyes Sports Water Bottle

Evil Eyes Sports Water Bottle ($13, Walmart)

If you want to show solidarity without wearing anything different, consider this water bottle adorned with a sea of evil eyes. Walmart can either ship it to you or hold it for you to pick up at your local store.

Silver-Plated Stud & Evil Eye Earring Set

Silver-Plated Stud & Evil Eye Earring Set ($20, Target)

These would look great in double-pierced ears, or you could go for the mismatched look — with a stud in one ear and the evil eye in the other — and give the other pair to a friend.

Evil Eye Embroidered Iron-On Patch

Evil Eye Embroidered Iron-On Patch ($5, Etsy)

If you're bringing the kids along to the march, consider outfitting them with this sassy iron-on patch from Etsy seller These Are Things. They're just about guaranteed not to lose it — although, if they somehow manage to do so, at just five bucks a pop, it's not going to break the bank.

Evil Eye Shamballa Bracelet

Evil Eye Shamballa Bracelet ($10, Etsy)

This fun bracelet from Etsy shop Alsharifa is a great choice for anyone who likes sparkles — especially kids, as it's lightweight and adjustable to fit tiny wrists.

Tiny Evil Eye Charms

Tiny Evil Eye Charms ($3, Etsy)

Looking for a cost-effective, DIY way to display the evil eye? This set of five charms from Etsy seller Gem Shop Supplies might be the perfect solution. String them all on a chain you already own, hang them from safety pins, pass them out to friends (or strangers) — lots of options here.

Opal Evil Eye Necklace

Opal Evil Eye Necklace ($20, Etsy)

This elegant, shimmery pendant — made from real opal — hangs from a 16-inch sterling silver chain. Available from Etsy shop IsabellaCelini, it can be ready to ship within one business day.

Jeweled Evil Eye Hat And Gloves Set

Jeweled Evil Eye Hat And Gloves Set ($35, Walmart)

Keep yourself warm and make your own fashion statement with this snazzy, bejeweled take on the evil eye design.

Evil Eye Ball Hair Tie

Evil Eye Ball Hair Tie ($3, Etsy)

I can just about guarantee that you will be the only one wearing this hair band on Saturday. But you have to admit that this quirky accessory from seller Lost Friends does get the point across, and does so affordably.

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