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12 Hilarious 'Friday The 13th' Memes That'll Make You Forget How Scary The Movie Is

I've been a scaredy-cat ever since I was a kid. Movies like Gremlins, Halloween, and Friday the 13th terrify the bejesus out of me and give me literal nightmares, so I've stayed away from them since the time someone tricked me into watching Child's Play by telling me it was a kid-friendly film. (I still haven't forgiven her for that). I've always felt left out of horror film culture because people who enjoy it seem to have so much fun being scared. But these Friday the 13th memes that are sure to make the rounds on your social media feed are usually more funny than frightening.

Besides the classic slasher flick with the iconic villain Jason Voorhees, many people consider the actual date of Friday the 13th unlucky, even though it's a relatively new superstition, reported Vox. Whether you'll be watching a gory movie in anticipation of Halloween next month or ducking bad omens, kick back and enjoy a few memes today. Some of these are for the superstitious, while others are for you Friday The 13th movie fans. Unlucky 13 or not, we're all lucky when the internet joins forces for laughs. And I'll be chuckling along with everyone else... from behind my security blanket.


Jason On The Eve Of Friday The 13th

Life is hard when you're an impatient guy who has to wait for one specific night to get a year's worth of work done. Jason probably watches the clock on the 12th until midnight strikes. Waiting really is the hardest part of having fun.


Don't Try to Fight It

If Jason comes for you, might as well consider it an honor. Other people are scared of the Camp Crystal Lake legend. Real fans welcome the mask-wearing maniac to their homes like the icon he is.


That Feeling When You Want to Change Careers But You're Freddy Krueger

It's hilarious imagining a horror bad guy taking a smoke break in the middle of chasing people in their nightmares. But I have questions. Do you smell the smoke in your dream? Or does Freddy have to clock out and then clock back in to the day job after he puts his cig out?


Pika-chu chu chu, ahh ahh ahh

So much about the Friday the 13th movie has become pop culture gold, like the whisper sound effects heard in the movie. Whether you hear "ki ki ki" or "ch ch ch" (Mental Floss reported the scary sound is ki), you recognize it immediately. And so does Pika-chu chu chu.


And This Is Why I Can't Wear Crocs

I'm glad someone else finally sees it: Crocs go with Jason's hockey mask. And while you can't deny how comfortable they are, I'll have to pass. Looks like Jason might be wearing a pair tonight, though. On his face.


Free Hugs

Imgur user SurvivorsWelcomed wrote in the caption, "Drawn by me, just thought I would post it here. Actually kinda happy with how it turned out." I think it went well, too. Except I'm still not giving any bloody hugs today.


We All Need Coffee Breaks

Don't mind me. Just keeping it casual with my mask and machete over here, folks. No one gets hurt as long as the coffee's hot.


If Jason Voorhees Had Social Media

I love the clash of current pop culture and an '80s classic. Of course Jason Voorhees would have a literal book of faces. Talk about hitting the refresh button... what a creep.


Bob Ross Portraits I'd Like To See

The internet is undefeated with this detailed meme. It wins both in the execution (no pun intended) of the graphics and in the caption. Poor, gentle Bob Ross doesn't deserve this, but we absolutely do.


Moooom, They Keep Calling Me Jason!

(Raises hand slowly) It was me. I'm the one who had no idea what a Michael Myers mask was until I saw this meme. I just thought it was Jason without the hockey face. My bad, Mike.


How To Scare Jason Away

So all we have to do is pour a puddle at the guy's feet to scare him? That's... easy. Doesn't this movie happen at a lake? Somebody get me a bucket.



"Friday" by Rebecca Black would definitely be the song stuck in his head while he goes about his business. It's a bit of oldie at this point, by about seven years. But what's a couple of summers to a homicidal zombie-freak?