12 Genius High-Tech Baby Products Parents Need In…

by Bianca Mendez

It seems like every year, baby gear and gadgets get more high-tech than ever. Before you know it, your three-month-old will fully know how to use a smartphone better than you do. But the best high-tech baby products for parents aren’t just plain bells and whistles — some of them can essentially save your kid’s life.

When it comes to parenting, technology is both a blessing and a curse. You wouldn’t want your child to be dependent on a smart phone or glued to the television, but you've got to admit, sometimes they make the perfect babysitters, especially if it means giving you some much-needed “me time.” But in other cases, a techy product can give you assurance that you’re doing a good job this whole parenting thing.

And not all technology is based off a smartphones, computers, and rechargeable batteries. You have baby gear made from high-tech fabrics to that keep kids cool and protected from the sun. Despite the over abundance of technology in this new age of parenting, I’m confident that it’s just making parents better at their jobs. Check out these must-have high tech baby gadgets and gear that will only make the whole process easier.


A Rotating Baby Monitor

Keep tabs on your baby's little moves. The VTech monitor rotates 270 degrees around the room and has zoom-in features, so you can keep a close eye on your baby. It also has a two-way intercom, so you can comfort your baby no matter where you are.


A Lifesaving Sensor

If you're a mom who frantically gets up to check on her sleeping baby every five minutes, let this device give you a piece of mind. This portable monitor clips on to your kid's abdomen, tracking every movement and breath throughout the night. An alarm will go off if this device detects any infrequent moving or lack of breathing.


A Pacifier That Detects Your Temperature

Instead of dealing with butt thermometers, use one that your tot actually won't mind. Comfort your baby with this pacifier thermometer that clearly reads the temperature in 90 seconds. It also has a built-in medicine dispenser for a fuss-free feed.


A Bluetooth-Enabled Baby Swing

Meet the swing seat of the future. The mamaRoo baby swing mimics parent's rocking and bouncing motions, has multiple recliners options, and connects to any MP3 player. It's also bluetooth enabled, so mom or dad can control the motions from their smartphone.


A Smart Potty

Every kid deserves the right to comfort when they're about to get down to business. The iPotty features a 360 degree rotating stand that securely holds any tablet along with a screen protecter to prevent stains and smudges. I'm sure your kid will have no problem using a potty from here on out.


A Portable Nanny

Is the sleep deprivation setting in? New parents no longer have to worry about missing any important baby care details thanks to this awesome Pocket Nanny. Keep track of your baby's routine with this gadget's four timers, plus a night light for sleepy parents to find their way into the nursery. It's also perfect to give to nannies or caretakers to help fill them in on your baby's needs.


A Room Thermometer & Night Light Hybrid

It's hard to tell whether your baby will be too hot or cold while sleeping, so this night light does the work for you. This egg-shaped light changes color from blue to red according to temperature. One less thing to worry about during bed time.


A Thermometer Spout for Bath Time

Bath time should be fun and not stressful. This thermometer spout serves two purposes: measuring the water temperature and protecting your baby's head from hitting the faucet. It even beeps when the water is too hot.


A Self-Warming Bottle

For moms and babies on the go, these portable bottles allow you to warm up your kid's milk, no matter where you are. All it takes is four minutes for your baby's milk to heat, then it stays warm for 30 minutes. I have to say, they're also pretty cool-looking.


A Sun-Proof Baby Carrier

A baby carrier like this one is made from high-tech fabric that will shield your baby from the sun's harmful UV rays. Moisture-wicking fabric prevents your kid from getting too hot. I especially love this carrier's versatility, offering different variations to hold your baby, plus some extra room, so you can have some privacy while breastfeeding.


A Tech Savvy Activity Center

An under-the-sea themed activity center has a rotating seat for baby to explore all the lights, sounds, and toys that it offers. I can't get enough of the smartphone holder on top, perfect for watching videos or playing soft music. This activity center transforms into a play mat, too, so the possibilities are endless.


A Tech Baby Whisperer

Calm your tyke for bed time with this genius sleep gadget. The baby shusher soothes little ones into sleeping by rhythmically playing "shushes" for up to 30 minutes. It keeps them engaged and relaxed so they can sleep through the night.

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