Gifts Under $15 That Are Perfect For Literally Anyone On Your List

Before we continue on with the gift portion of this article, I need you to know one thing: I live for the holiday season. My holiday playlist has been going since mid-October, I've already attempted an off-menu order of a peppermint mocha, and the chill in the air brightens my soul. But there's one thing about the holidays that I consistently wish was easier, and that's finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list without breaking the bank.

Knowing I'm not the only one who deals with this struggle year after year, I'm super excited to offer you a list of gifts for under $15 that could be a great fit for all the teachers, bus drivers, co-workers, friends, and family members in your life. Scroll on to find plenty of gift ideas for all those extra people on your list, then finish your shopping and let yourself enjoy the rest of the holiday season.


The Perfect Tin Of Tea

Tea has been my go-to gift for years, and I'm not about to stop that tradition. This year, I'm liking these single tins of loose-leaf teas from Vahdam Teas. Their Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea features turmeric, spices, and a touch of citrus, which (if you ask me) is the perfect blend to sip for a cozy night in.


A Classic Candy That Everyone Loves

Another gift idea that never goes out of style? Hershey's Holiday Kisses. I personally love to throw a few into seasonal favor bags, then tie them up with a pretty ribbon and hand them out to acquaintances — but they're also just as great baked into a sweet recipe or boxed up as a heartwarming gift of their own.


A Soothing Candle You Can Take Anywhere

This little beauty is a best-seller for a reason: The Sea + Lavender scent has a universally pleasing fragrance of salty air mixed with calming wildflowers. Plus, it's made with soy, meaning the burn time will be 30 to 50 percent longer than its paraffin counterparts. Snag a few for teachers, yoga friends, coaches... or maybe just for yourself.


An Innovative Spin On A Daily Essential

Sure, deodorant may not be a top-of-mind choice for gifting, but these cool refillable pods could be a game-changer for that fitness fanatic friend of yours. Here's how it works: You'll select from one of six mood-boosting scents, then pick out a cool case from a choice of seven colors. If your friend is hooked, they can create their own subscription to get refills shipped directly to them on a regular basis.


A Fun Game For The Preschool Crowd

Because we're all very aware of the popularity of sharks these days. Made especially with the 4 year-old (and up) demo in mind, this game lets players take turns fishing for sea creatures before the shark unexpectedly bites your fishing rod.


A Pair Of Super Cute Earrings

Know any budding fashionistas? They'll love these sweet little butterfly earrings. They're not only made with 100 percent sterling silver, but they're also a bit of a throwback to the earrings of our pre-teen days, no?


A Smarter Razor

We all have that friend or family member who has a travel schedule so busy that it's almost impossible to make plans with them. Help them par down their packing essentials with this brilliant multi-tasking razor that's designed with an on-the-go lifestyle in mind: it includes a refillable water spray bottle, a moisturizing shea butter bar, and a couple of triple-blade cartridges.


A Luxurious Sheet Mask

When it comes to finding the right gift for a group of people like your co-workers or your brunch pals, it's important to think of quality options at prices that won't break the bank. Consider stocking up on a range of When sheet masks (like this Snow Song mask that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots), then gifting them individually with a personalized holiday card.


A Custom Name Necklace At An Accessible Price

Perfect for your daughter (or even her BFF), this handmade name necklace comes at a price that can't be beat. Not only that, but there are eight different font options, five metal options, and five chain length options available so you can ensure your giftee is getting the best fit.


An Affordable Bottle Of Fancy Wine

Teachers, co-workers, and BFFs alike will surely appreciate a luscious bottle of vino. Available via Winc, this Nero d’Avola features notes of dried herbs, pomegranate, red cherry, and violet — and best of all: it pairs beautifully with pizza.


A Better-For-You Sweet Treat

We've all heard (and used!) the tried-and-true advice about hiding veggies in our kid's dinners — but dessert? That's a whole new level of sneaky. Reward a niece, nephew, or even your own kids with this strawberry ice cream that's made with hidden (read: undetectable) carrots. They'll think they're getting the world's coolest present, and you'll forever be remembered as the person who gave them permission to eat dessert first.


A Practical Gift For The Dudes In Your Life

Every year I ask my dad, brother, and boyfriend what they want for Christmas and every year, without fail, they all say, "Something I can use." For the no-fuss men in your life, here's a handy grooming kit. Trust me: They actually will love it.


This post is sponsored by Hershey's Holiday Kisses.