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12 Festive, Spooky, & Silly Halloween Wreaths That Will Upstage Your Neighbors' Decor

Autumnal wreaths are nothing new, but this latest batch of door decor has a super creepy spin. The Halloween wreaths for sale now are dark, spooky, and sometimes hilarious. Finding a wreath that matches your Halloween vibe will be pretty easy this season, because there's a decoration made to fit every taste.

Whether you decorate the front door for every holiday, or you simply want to add a spooky touch to the decor this fall, Halloween wreaths are a fantastic option. Some are elaborate, dark arrangements of gorgeous faux flowers and skulls. Really, some of these wreaths would look right at home on the front door of the Addams family home. Others are more traditional wreaths with plenty of ribbons, gold leaves, and tons of pumpkins. Then there's the Halloween wreaths that are just plain weird, yet totally appropriate, featuring monster mouths, glittery little skulls, and eyeballs in all the wrong places.

Even your own home gets the chance to dress up this dress up this Halloween, so have fun with these holiday decorating options. So whether you want to spook-ify your front door for trick-or-treaters, or simply add a dark, whimsical centerpiece to your mantle, there's a spooky Halloween wreath available to fit every style and budget.


Halloween Wreath Bone LED Light-Up

Talk about spooky. This skeletal wreath is creepy enough on its own, but the skull even has light-up eyes. This will give your home a chilling vibe any time of day.


Halloween Wreath With Spider

This pretty wreath has a big, creepy spider right smack in its middle. The dark leaves, twisting vines, and sparkling ornaments give it a bit of extra flair. But any guests who have a serious fear of spiders might not make it past your doorway when this decor is out.


Falloween Wreath

For a traditional wreath with some definite Halloween vibes, consider the Falloween Wreath. Built on a grapevine base, this wreath contains faux maple, oak, and magnolia leaves, a scattering of natural pinecones, and of course plenty of pumpkins. The muted black and orange colors lend a slightly spooky look to this super chic, pretty wreath.


Burgundy & Navy Blue Peony & Skull Wreath

Here's a seriously spooky wreath that's also completely gorgeous. The dark blue and red hues all blend together so well, it takes a second to spot all the weird details. But yes, those are eyeballs inside the faux flowers, and a skull is nestled among all the leaves and twigs.


Halloween Eyeballs Wreath

If you want a wreath that's just plain weird, look no further. When your guests come eye-to-eye with this thing, they won't be able to stop staring at the super creepy eyeball wreath. It's one of the most playful Halloween wreaths ever.


Witch Moon Wreath

For a whimsical wreath you can enjoy year after year, the moon-shaped witch is perfect. The green witch herself is cool enough, but there's plenty of details going on as well. Just check out the spider dangling from the lower edge of the moon.


Skull and Berries Black Twig Halloween Wreath

For a creepy-cute look, the skull and berries wreath is downright festive. Adorned with silver and purple sparkly skulls, it's a low key way to add a spooky moodiness to any door. Plus, its metallic color scheme adds in a unique flair.


Skull, Rose & Lily Wreath

Go bold with a bright red pop of color. Black and red faux flowers look amazing together. Of course, the large skull in the center absolutely proves this piece is all about Halloween.


Halloween Monster Tulle Wreath

More adorable than scary, this tulle-covered monster wreath is a scream. Trick-or-treaters and guests alike will love this big-mouthed wreath on the front of your door. Whether your taste is macabre, whimsical, or simply silly, there's a Halloween wreath to suit any mood,


Glittery Pumpkins Wreath

These glitzy pumpkins will look right at home with the rest of your pumpkin-themed porch decor. It rocks all of Halloween's traditional colors and feels perfectly festive. You might not even want to take this one down come November.


Jack-O-Lantern Wreath

Despite being primary orange, this colorful wreath feels quite Christmasy. It must be the gilded ornaments, but if you look closely, you'll notice that half the orange shapes are actually jack-o-lantern faces. It'll be back in stock September 8.


Bat Wreath

Whether bats give you the heebie jeebies, or you think they're the cutest mammal ever, this bat-themed wreath would look cool on any front door. If you want to dress up your house, but don't want something garish, the neutral tones on this option might be the perfect choice for you.