13 Hilarious Christmas Memes For Moms That Are Accurate AF

by Sarah Bunton

For many families, the month of December brings with it a time of celebration. The holiday season, in particular, puts a certain spark of magic in the air as main streets are transformed with lights and neighborhoods sparkle with festive decorations. But in between all the sight seeing and enjoying the company of family, friends, and neighbors, you may be left in charge of coordinating dinners, setting up gift exchanges, and preparing your home for guests. That's why it can be nice to take a break from the holiday season stress with funny Christmas memes for moms that are totally relatable.

As a parent, I often find myself bouncing between two, very opposite emotions during Christmastime. On the one hand, I love how there is hardly anything more precious than watching my son squeal with excitement when he finds gifts under the tree. On the other hand, I hate being dragged out of my warm, cozy bed on Christmas morning while it's still dark outside. And don't even get me started on all the plotting and planning and physical labor it took to a) get the tree up and b) sprinkle an acceptable amount of presents at its feet. But, judging by the amount of times I've heard my fellow parent friends bemoan a similar sentiment, this is all just par for the parenting course. So take a load off and get ready for your mood to be instantly lightened with these funny Christmas memes for moms.


So Many Deals

That feeling when Target has the cutest Christmas decorations for super cheap — and your bank account starts crying.


The Countdown Begins

Heaven forbid you forget to move the Elf on the Shelf or put them in a creative enough position. Little kids are often the toughest critics, in my opinion. You would be surprised how perceptive some children can be, especially when they believe their Christmas presents are at stake.


Glitter Everywhere

As someone with severe OCD, Christmas presents a unique struggle of wanting everything to be perfectly decorated but also freaking out over the amount of loose glitter everywhere. Lord knows that when I look back on pictures from previous holidays only to find that the garlands were askew, I would restage the whole picture if I could.


Cookies Aren't Just For Santa

Between all the teachers, neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances in your life, there's no end to all the baking that's surely going on in your kitchen this season. The good thing is that no one will judge you if you eat a few of the cookies that accidentally "broke" when you were pulling them out of the oven.


Just Go With It

Just tell all your guests that it's a living art installation project. They'll be super impressed. They may even pose with it and take pictures of this avant garde piece.


"Or So Help Me..."

Hell hath no fury like a mother who just finished cleaning the house only to find her children have trashed it in under one minute. Someone should actually do a scientific study on how kids are able to undo hours worth of organizing and decluttering with such ease and quickness.



As a parent, you learn to handle the baseline lack of gratefulness. You're probably already used to providing shelter, clothing, food, transportation, toys, and everything else under the sun without any acknowledgement. And you've accepted the fact that your kids think that clean laundry just magically reappears in their closet. But something about Santa getting all the thanks is just irritating.


Picture Perfect

I have yet to find anyone I personally know who has successfully recreated a project they found on Pinterest. I'm beginning to think that that's the actual fake news.


Put On A Brave Face

I think every mom out there has lied at least once during Christmas when saying, "I'm doing great." Why? Because Kathy from payroll doesn't need to know about how stressed you are over your in-laws unexpectedly showing up for dinner.


Over-Achievers Anonymous

You have my utmost respect and admiration if you don't buy at least one last-minute gift during the month of December.


Do A Double Take

Do you remember when celebrity magazines first started the whole, "look they're just like us," trend? In a way, it can be a bit of relief when you realize that even the popular Santa Claus has to double check his task list, too. The struggle is, indeed, very real.


An Updated Classic

Moms of boys might find this one especially relevant.

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