12 Hilarious Memes About "Celebrating" New Year's Eve With Kids

New Year's Eve is the biggest party day of the year when everyone tends to celebrate in some way. It's the one day where it's not only okay, but sometimes expected, to stay up late (that's the whole point), get super drunk, and wear glittery dresses with no tights in the dead of winter — ugh, remember when you thought that was a good idea? But there comes a point when NYE loses it's sparkle, because of one word: kids. If you're not partying like you used to this NYE, post a hilarious New Year's Eve meme to express how your night is really going.

We can all agree that kids are a huge game changer. You went from once popping Champagne bottles to now struggling to stay up until midnight. How did we ever party like that? Now just going to the movies is a big night out and even bigger if you can stay awake. But you can't just forget about New Year's Eve completely. I mean yes, you don't party like you used to because you literally can't now that you have kids, but New Year's Eve is still an occasion that you don't want to miss out on completely.

Maybe, it's because you are over the crowds, drinking was never you're thing, or you just can't bear to splurge on a babysitter for a ridiculous night of debauchery — whatever the reason your New Year's Eve celebration is not like the years of your youth, here are some hilarious New Year's Eve Memes for parents that pretty much sum up your night perfectly.


Is It Midnight Yet?

Is it midnight yet? You just want the ball to drop already so that you can go straight to bed. The struggle to stay awake on New Year's Eve is real. Your kids might be excited to stay up past their bed time, but those late nights no longer excite you.


Feeling Ambitious

New Years is prime time to remind yourself and your friends that just because you are a parent now, it doesn't mean you've lost any of your cool cred.


Dazed And Confused

Nothing is worse than falling asleep too soon, but when you're a parent, you probably can't help it because you're so damn tired. Not only did you miss all the fun but it feels like you are in an alternate universe. Seriously though, what year is it? =


Not Enough Time

When you become a parent, your priorities definitely shift, and partying like it's 1999 might not be at the top of your to-do list. This is the perfect meme for those who literally do not have time to tune in for a countdown that they can just stream on Youtube later.


Pressure To Party

On the flip side, there are some parents who are desperate to let loose. The pressure to have solid NYE plans is something everyone experiences. It's just one big party you don't want to miss out on, especially when you have kids.


Last Moments Of Freedom

Put on that hot new dress, drink all the wine, dance like no ones watching. Let loose while you can because in our eyes, the New Year doesn't officially start until the next morning. Sorry, resolutions, you're going to have to be put on a hold for a few hours longer, or at least until reality sets in and you have to pick the kids up from your parents.



This is probably how your kids are taunting you on New Year's Eve. It's true. It's just so sad and so true, so don't think about put this on your resolutions list either.



A perfect meme for those who aren't going to let anyone ruin their NYE fun, no matter what. But seriously though, you should probably check up on your family.


Fancy Outfit

Not going to party tonight? We don't blame you because it's going to cost a fortune to hire a babysitter. It's a good night to heat up some Swedish meatballs, curl up on the couch, and watch a Lifetime movie with the whole family, at least until the ball drops.


Over it

Yup, we have all had, or will soon enough, this revelation. It's time to start observing a more tame New Year's Eve celebration, because the rest of your life is total chaos right now.


No Plan = Best Plan

You've got no plans this year, and that's totally okay with you. Take the opportunity to curl up on the couch with your S.O. and catch up on some Netflix. Don't even tell the kids that it's New Year's Eve if you can avoid it.


Clever Trick

Don't want to mess up the kid's sleep routine for a disco ball drop? We feel you. This is a genius trick that will make everyone happy.

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