12 Hilarious Sibling Rivalry Memes For National Siblings Day, That Are *So* Relatable

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Seems like there's a special day associated with just about everything (from chocolate chip cookies to talking like a pirate), so of course there's one just for siblings — and that day is today! Siblings are definitely something to celebrate, naturally, except that you might not always feel that way as a parent who's always playing referee. Luckily, there are lots of hilarious sibling rivalry memes for National Siblings Day (because it's better to laugh than cry).

Growing up as an only child, I envied my friends with brothers and sisters to no end. Having a playmate available 24/7 would make everything about life a million times better, I was convinced, imagining idyllic Christmas mornings, late night pillow fights, and secret handshakes. Then I grew up and had three kids of my own and oh boy, guess what? That's not what it's like at all. I mean, I know my kids appreciate each other on some level, but it's not like they're ever going to express that feeling in any way, shape, or form. And honestly, most of my friends who grew up with siblings report similar experiences: I've heard stories involving everything from one sibling pushing another down the hill in a garbage can to a fight between identical twins resulting in a broken nose and a shattered shower door. Sibling rivalry is no joke — but it can still be pretty funny.

If you happen to have one of those enchanted families where everyone loves and supports each other at all times, then these memes might mean nothing to you. But because nobody has one of those families, they'll probably make you laugh. A lot.


Check Mate

If only everybody's brother looked like Leonardo DiCaprio! When it comes to sibling squabbles, a parent taking sides signifies the ultimate victory.


Double Trouble

Parents of twins deserve special recognition for dealing with the kind of devious torment that happens on a daily basis. At least they keep each other busy (and hopefully alive). But what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?


Last Laugh

Everybody's been there: Stuck at the end of a near perfect roast with literally no comeback ready. Whaddya gonna do? (Not make that face!)


One And Done

The grass is always greener, kids. Just think, if you were an only child, you'd be the only one wearing that outfit!


The Ultimate Betrayal

Never, ever give one kid the "last" of anything without splitting it in half first. Just don't do it. You'll be sorry. (Not as sorry as whoever Rick Grimes is looking at, though.)


Creative Differences

Siblings just can't get anything right. It's pathetic, really. This poor kid has a vision, doesn't Francesca get that?!


Artistic License

Yup, that's the whole family right there. Mom, dad, boy, and that's it. No brother. Just a house (?) and maybe a basketball. No brother.


Black Out

There's nothing more permanent than a Sharpie, which is why Sharpie-related sibling attacks are among the most loathed and feared of all. There's no going back after this one, folks.


You Can Go Your Own Way

Well, these two aren't getting anywhere in a hurry. If you've ever tried to walk anywhere with more than one kid, you'll understand their owner's pain. (At least they have leashes.)


Cake Fail

Sibling rivalry doesn't end with adulthood, by the way. Need proof? This guy's face. He wants that special cake all to himself so, so bad. Have another glass of wine, dude. It'll be okay.


Photo Op

Welcome to the world, little sister! Don't expect any special treatment. Someday, these two will look back on this picture and laugh. Um, right?


Empty Threats

Don't be fooled by The Brady Bunch: Sometimes it takes step-siblings a little while to warm up to each other.

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