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12 Instant Pot Hanukkah Recipes That'll Make Cooking 8 Straight Days A Breeze

Can we all just agree that it's super inconvenient that school and work aren't cancelled during Hanukkah? Sure, the festival is only celebrated at night, but having normal life obligations during the day is super inconvenient, especially if you're in charge of the holiday food. You're expected to provide delicious, festival food all week long without any extra time to prep, and I'm calling bull. So for anyone who's freaking out about not having enough time to make celebratory dinner every night, here are 12 Instant Pot recipes for Hanukkah that will make your eight days of lights way easier.

Obviously, a lot of the traditional Hanukkah foods have to be prepared without an Instant Pot (hello latkes and donuts), but there's actually a lot you can make with the Instant Pot for the holiday that will save you time, especially if you get creative. It can be hard to think of a different traditional Hanukkah food to make every night of the week but some of the Instant Pot twists on the classics I found are really refreshing and exciting. Think of your IP as your secret weapon for making every night of the holiday as fun as the first.

So read on for 12 Instant Pot recipes your whole family will love for the festival of lights, and start brainstorming what you'll use that extra time you get back for. I'm thinking you'll save it for wrapping night seven's presents.


Red Wine Braised Instant Pot Brisket

Is it a Jewish gathering without brisket? Go for this Red Wine Braised Instant Pot Brisket from Girl and The Kitchen this year; it's got all the delicious flavor you expect, but it only takes one hour to cook. Use Manischewitz if you want to be really festive.


Instant Pot Matzo Ball Soup

The most comforting food on the planet just got even better, because now you can make this staple in your Instant Pot. Literally every part of Lana Under Pressure's Instant Pot Matzo Ball Soup can be cooked in your IP, which is a dream if you've got latkes on the stove and challah in the oven.


Pressure Cooker Jewish Noodle Kugel

Another Hanukkah staple, kugel has to be part of your celebration somehow, so why not save yourself some stress and make this Pressure Cooker Jewish Noodle Kugel courtesy of This Old Gal? Pro tip: place the dish in the oven on "broil" for five minutes after it's done cooking in the Instant Pot to give the top that crispy look everyone loves.


Instant Pot Potato Pancake Pillows

That's right people: you can officially make latkes in the Instant Pot, so life will never be the same. This dish from Pressure Luck Cooking is basically a healthy version of a potato pancake; it's got all the potato flavor with none of the oil. Make it once you get sick of the house smelling like fried food.


Instant Pot Marfum

As Lana Under Pressure explains, Marfum is a traditional dish made by Libyan Jews, and it's basically a hearty and yummy stew. Lana's recipe is a simple alternative to brisket, and it'll taste delicious over rice or couscous.


Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Raspberry Jam

Missing out on the chance to serve donuts at night in the form of sufganiyot is not an option, so when you're preparing your jelly filled balls of goodness, consider using fresh jam to kick your recipe up a notch. This Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Raspberry Jam, courtesy of Fork To Spoon, will look amazing and taste great in your sufganiyot, and you can use the leftovers on challah.


Butternut Squash Beef Stew (Instant Pot, Pressure Cooker Or Slow Cooker)

This recipe from Foodie Crush combines everything delicious about Hanukkah foods: oil, potatoes, and meat. Make this dish using leftover potatoes and extra brisket meat at the beginning of the week, and your family can feast on it all Hanukkah long.


Instant Pot French Toast Casserole

Theoretically this Instant Pot French Toast Casserole from Food Lovin Family is designated for breakfast, but I'm going rogue and suggesting it as a dessert or breakfast for dinner option during Hanukkah. The challah base is totally festive, and I bet the cinnamon flavor would taste delicious with some gelt on the side.


Instant Pot Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

These hard boiled eggs from Damn Delicious are ideal if you're trying to make a quick appetizer for the festival of lights. They're ready in three to seven minutes, and you can add spices as you see fit.


Homemade Instant Pot Applesauce

The sweet and savory combination of applesauce and latkes is a classic Hanukkah favorite. A Spicy Perspective shares this dairy-free and vegan homemade Instant Pot applesauce recipe that only takes four minutes to cook. If you overestimated and made too much, this can be refrigerated for up to two weeks, according to the blog.


11.Instant Pot Raspberry Orange Bread Pudding

Pressure Cooking Today transforms traditional challah bread with this Instant Pot raspberry orange bread pudding recipe. Challah bread is the perfect bread to soak up the milk and egg mixture and the pressure cooker will help the bread pudding retain moisture, according to Pressure Cooking Today. Save this recipe if you’ve got extra challah bread lying around during the holiday season.


Instant Pot Shakshuka

Shakshuka (eggs poached in a bath of tomato sauce) is typically served during breakfast, but there’s no reason not to serve this savory dish at all hours of the day. It’s hearty, flavorful, and a crowd-pleaser. Corrie CooksInstant Pot Shakshuka recipe only requires about 15 minutes of cooking time.