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12 Items From To Buy In Bulk For A New Baby

by Jessica Leader

Babies require lots and lots of stuff. Some things are small and used infrequently, while others are used daily and absolutely must be at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to confuse what needs to be bought in bulk and what you can do without. Since I live in a small space, it’s important that I don’t have a bunch of unnecessary items hanging around… and that I do have what I need at all times.

The good news is that while I had to learn the difference the hard way, you get to benefit from my previous bulk-buying angst!

Here is what I’ve found to be the most important things for new moms to buy in bulk, all available on

An Endless Supply Of Burp Cloths

Pro Tip: Have a designated burp cloth basket within arm’s reach of your nursing area and filled to the brim for maximum protection.

So Many Muslins

Pro Tip: Stash a spare muslin in the stroller, the car, your diaper bag... everywhere. Squirreling away swaddles ensures they are always at your disposal.

More Diapers Than You Think You'll Need

Pro Tip: You won’t truly know what size your baby will be until they're born. Get a small “newborn” pack and a small “size 1” pack so you're covered no matter what. Once you're home and see how they fill out the diaper, buy in bulk.

All Of The Baby Wipes

Pro Tip: Buy water-based and/or fragrance-free wipes. Newborn bottoms are sensitive!

Lots & Lots Of Baby Socks

Pro Tip: Buy a bunch of white socks (or whatever color you prefer) so you aren’t spending all your time matching teeny pairs with different stripes and patterns.

Your Baby's Favorite Pacifier (And A Bunch Of Backups)

Pro Tip: Start off with two or three different pacifier brands to see what your child prefers. Once they make it clear to you, you can stock up on their favorite.

Lots Of Hand Sanitizer

Pro Tip: Get some travel-sized sanitizers to clip onto the diaper bag and carriers for when people want to pinch those little cheeks while you're out and about.

Breast Pump Bags (If You're Breastfeeding)

Pro Tip: Once you’re done pumping, label each bag with the date and amount of milk. Store in your freezer with the oldest bag in the front so that you can easily keep your supply moving.

Changing Pad Liners For Easier Cleanup

Pro Tip: Buy at least three packs of the three-pack… they are nearly as valuable as burp cloths.

Command Hooks To Hang Everything Within Arm's Reach

Thank-You Notes

Pro Tip: Print out a list of the names and gifts and keep it next to your notes. Also, try to give someone else the responsibility of addressing, stamping and mailing. You've done enough!

So Much Coffee

Pro tip: Drinking hot coffee while holding an infant is a recipe for disaster. Make a pitcher of cold brew to keep in the fridge for all of the caffeine with none of the safety hazards.

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