These Last Minute Valentine's Dates For Parents Are Simple & Full Of Quality Time

If you are a parent like me, you have probably spent more time working on the Valentine’s cards for your child’s 30 classmates than planning out your own romantic celebration. When you have kids, pretty much every holiday revolves around them somehow, and you barely have the time to get your own stuff together. If you haven’t had the time (or energy) to plan something with your significant other, here are 12 last minute Valentine’s Day date ideas for parents, because you deserve some fun too.

Sure, it’s easy to head to the nearest drug store and pick up a a generic heart shaped box of chocolate or a bouquet of roses, but as a busy parent, what you really need is some adult time. Spending some quality time with your loved one, feeling the appreciation you have for one another, and talking about your hopes and dreams for the future, can be much more meaningful than candy and flowers. You should really spend the holiday taking the time out to do something together to share and express your love. Besides, all the good candy is picked over already and you probably spent enough on your kid's class Valentines this year. Wait until Easter for the best candy and try these 12 last minute Valentine's Day dates.


Try Something Kinky

Want to make your Valentine’s Day special? All you need is your bodies and a little imagination. Once the kids are asleep, lock the door and whip out your favorite toys, look up positions from the Kama Sutra, try tantric massage, or just embark on any other kind of sexual journey your heart desires.


Snuggle Up To Watch Your Favorite Movie Or Show

With the chaos of juggling work and the kids, you could definitely use some down time. If you and your partner have a favorite TV show to catch up, put the kids to bed and snuggle up on your couch to watch something you can both enjoy. Munch on some popcorn, or indulge in a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates to commemorate the night. (No phones allowed.)


Go For A Long Romantic Drive

Long drives can serve as a romantic mini getaway. They give you an opportunity to talk, gossip, and hope, all without any interference from the outside world. Set the mood by driving to your favorite romantic spot or along a scenic route with a playlist of love songs humming in the background.


Take A Bath Together

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic and relaxing bath for two. Add some aromatherapy oils to the bath and scatter scented candles and rose petals in and around the tub to create a romantic atmosphere. Play some sexy tunes in the background, and who knows where your bath time will take you.


Plan A Future Trip

Even though you haven’t had time to plan a Valentine’s Day date, you can take time out to plan a post-Valentine’s trip. Whether it’s a few weeks later, or a few years down the line, planning a romantic getaway can be really inspiring. You’ll get to discuss your hopes and dreams, along with the loving future you are building together.


Try An Exotic Food

Make your Valentine’s Day memorable by trying some exotic fare. You can get a little adventurous and try an ethnic cuisine you haven’t tried before, or try a gastropub that specializes in molecular gastronomy. It will be a culinary adventure that you can both explore and enjoy together.


7. Go For A Walk

If the weather is nice enough, you can go for a romantic walk, hand in hand. Stroll along a scenic beach or park and gaze at the night sky. And while you stop to smell the roses, make sure to sneak in a kiss or two. If you plan it right and need to take the kids along, they might just pass out in the stroller halfway through your jaunt.


Go See A Movie

Want to make an outing of your Valentine’s Day? Check to see what flicks are playing and head to the theater to see a movie you both can enjoy. You can even make a kissing game, where you sneak a kiss every time a movie character does something specific.


Make Dinner Together

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most romantic, as long as you are doing them together. If you want to make an experience out of the night, try to cook your favorite meal together, including a yummy dessert which you can lick off of each others fingers, or anywhere else for that matter. Cooking dinner seems like a no-brainer, but when's the last time you two actually made an event out of it together?


Order In

After a long day of parenting, if you don’t feel like cooking and are too tired to go out for dinner, you can always order food in from your favorite delivery place. You can set the mood at home by getting dressed up and eating on a beautifully set candlelit table. If that’s not your speed, you can always just plop onto the couch in your jammies to eat while you Netflix and chill. If you need to find options for food delivery, check out apps like Uber Eats or GrubHub.


Head To A Comedy Club

You can always count on a comedy club for a late night, last-minute plan. What could be more fun than spending an evening of laughter with the one you love?


Play Your Favorite Game

Whether it’s Dungeons and Dragons or strip poker, you and your loved one can spend a Valentine’s evening in playing your favorite game. With all the chaos your kids throw at you, a quiet game night may be the perfect way to unwind.

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