12 Lifesaving Gifts To Get An Expecting Mom That…

by Bianca Mendez

Although you may have crossed 'crib,' 'carseat,' and 'swaddle blankets' off your baby checklist, sometimes the most unconventional products can be game-changing gifts for an expecting mom. Did you think to add dry shampoo to your baby registry? Are you sure you have enough diapers to last you for the next couple of months? The not-so-conventional list of items you forgot to put in your baby registry is what you'll really want come the eleventh hour.

I understand how overwhelming it can be to pick out baby registry items. You're scrolling down endless pages while asking yourself, “Do you really need this?” (FYI, you probably don’t.) You’re also probably not thinking so much about yourself while shopping for baby when, in reality, new moms need as much stuff for themselves as they do for their newborns. Overwhelmed? Then, close off all the tabs, take a deep breath and follow these baby registry tips to get you through the first year.

Whether you're preparing your own registry or want to buy a little extra something for a pregnant friend, these lifesaving new mom and baby products will greatly be appreciated. You may not understand why now, but when crisis strikes, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you’ve entered motherhood prepared.


Fragrant Dry Shampoo That Doesn't Cause Buildup

Seriously, who has time to wash their hair these days? The Amika dry shampoo will sop up oil and grease from days that you've spend catering to your newborn. Just a few sprays will have everyone fooled and wonder, "When did she find time to get her hair done?"


Post-Partum Belly Band

A postpartum belly wrap provides lower back support and can improve posture, especially during breastfeeding. Plus, it provides a little R&R to your body after delivery.


A Long USB Cord Charger

A must-have for your hospital bag, this 10-foot long USB cord charger will come in handy when you're bored in the hospital bed waiting for contractions to get bigger. Plus, you wouldn't want your phone to die when your newborn is here. Then, how will you take pics?


More Diapers

You'll underestimate how many diapers your little baby goes through in a day, so extra diapers are always essential. These newborn sized diapers from Huggies have a wetness indicator that alerts you when it's time for a changing, and an umbilical cord cutout to protect your baby's belly button while it heals.


A Wipe Warmer

You probably saw the wipe warmer appear when you were shopping for your baby registry and thought, "Do I really need this?" Some babies are super sensitive to the cold, so having this device by your changing table can spare you some crying. This affordable wipe warmer by Munchkin fits 100 wipes and emits a soft glow for late night changes.


Nipple Cream

You'll be incredibly surprised how much pain your nipples will be in during breastfeeding. This certified-organic nipple cream will provide instant relief for your sore AF breasts, and it's safe enough for your newborn to ingest (no need to wash after). Plus, it also doubles as a diaper rash cream.


Protein Bars

Never underestimate the power of an energy bar. These little packages offer big nutrition, especially because catering to a newborn 24/7 will have you feeling drained. For a pick-me-up, snack on a Clif protein bar. This bar has 20 grams of protein and 31 grams of carbs to keep you full and energized while dealing with your baby. Plus, it's chocolate-mint flavor tastes very similar to that popular Girl Scout cookie.


Restaurant Gift Cards

Treat yo'self! Restaurant gift cards give you a break from cooking to indulge in a good meal. Perfect for takeout or date night with your partner. Trust me, you'll be pretty grateful to come across one of these babies at home.


Baby Meds

You never know when your child get sick for the first time. Keeping a stash of Infants' Tylenol on hand will save you the stress of making an emergency pharmacy run when panic strikes.


A Waterproof Mattress Pad

As a new mom, you might experience a little leakage from just about every part of your body. To prevent unwanted mattress stains, a waterproof mattress pad will keep any milk leaks and other bodily fluids from reaching your actual mattress. Ah, motherhood.


Practical Underwear

Forget those lacy numbers that were reserved for steamy date nights when your partner. You'll just want to lay around in the comfiest high-waisted underwear money can buy. Yup, grannie panties. They're comfy, breathable, and adequately accommodate the jumbo maxi pads you'll be wearing for weeks after child birth. Not so lame now, huh?


Skin Lotion

Some new moms complain about their skin feeling dry and flaky after childbirth. Burt's Bees belly butter uses cocoa, shea, and jojoba butters to moisturize skin before and after pregnancy. Plus, the fragrance-free formula won't irritate extra-sensitive nostrils.

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