12 Lisa Frank Back To School Items That Will Melt Your '90s Kid Heart

by Irina Gonzalez

Lisa Frank has been popular for decades, and with good reason. Its signature colorful creations brightened up the school days of many '90s kids. These days, Lisa Frank is seeing a resurgence thanks to good old nostalgia and an active Instagram account. Because of that, there are a number of Lisa Frank back to school items that'll bring joy to today's generations and, of course, their '90s-born parents.

When I was in school, one of my favorite Lisa Frank items was a tin box that had a picture of two colorful kittens on the lid and kept all of valuables safe during the school day. I still have it today, only now it's filled with colorful markers that I use to indulge my creative side. (Often times, that means filling the pages of my Lisa Frank coloring book, which I learned about thanks to Lisa Frank's official Instagram. )

If you know someone who is going back to school, or if you just want a few colorful and nostalgic trinkets for the office, these 12 Lisa Frank items are everything you'll ever need to bring all of those rainbows to your life. As Lisa Frank herself says, "welcome to my colorful world."


Lisa Frank Flip-Flop

Lisa Frank Flip Flop, $20, Amazon

You need shoes to get to school (or to work, depending on your life stage), so why not sport the Lisa Frank flip-flop. Available in four different styles, this is certainly one way to make a fashion statement.


Lisa Frank 1 Subject Wide Ruled Notebook

Lisa Frank 1 Subject Wide Ruled Notebook, $14, Amazon

The Lisa Frank notebook makes taking notes more fun. The two-pack comes in assorted styles so that you have plenty to choose from, including favorites like Lisa Frank dolphins, puppies, pandas, and more.


Lisa Frank Stereo Headphones With Mic

Lisa Frank Stereo Headphones With Mic, $30, Amazon

Listen to tunes in style when you get the Lisa Frank stereo headphones. There's also a great way to tune out the noise in the office (hint, hint mom.)


Lisa Frank Stickers

Lisa Frank Stickers, $9, Amazon

Back in the day, you weren't cool if your notebook wasn't covered in Lisa Frank stickers. Now your kid can have the same street cred thanks to the Lisa Frank sticker collection.


Lisa Frank Penguins Velvet Art

Lisa Frank Penguins Velvet Art, $2, Amazon

Colorful art or posters are an easy way to decorate lockers and cubbies. Your child can spend the last days f summer coloring their Lisa Frank Penguins velvet art so they'll have something to hang on the first day.


Lisa Frank Portfolio Folder

Lisa Frank Folder, $7, Amazon

The Lisa Frank folder is a beautiful way for your child to organize their important papers. The slots in the folder make it easy for things to stay intact throughout the day.


Lisa Frank Unicorn And Rainbow Denim Vest

Lisa Frank Unicorn and Rainbow Denim Vest, $30, Amazon

Get stylish with the Lisa Frank unicorn and rainbow denim vest. With Lisa Frank's iconic unicorn on the back and a rainbow in the front, friends will always know just where your fashion loyalties lie.


'Color Me By Lisa Frank'

Color Me By Lisa Frank, $12, Amazon

Everyone likes coloring books, right? Color Me By Lisa Frank captures the iconic style while still giving your child some creative freedom.


Lisa Frank Lip And Nail Set

Lisa Frank Lip and Nail Set, $18, Amazon

Get your tot ready for picture day with the Lisa Frank lip and nail set, which includes nail stickers, lip gloss, a sparkly nail polish, and even lip balm.


Lisa Frank Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Lisa Frank Tie-Dye T-Shirt, $40, Amazon

The Lisa Frank tie-dye t-shirt features the iconic Tikanni the Husky puppy. You can even wear it underneath that denim vest for ultimate Lisa Frank fashion dominance.


Lisa Frank Composition Books Bundle

Lisa Frank Composition Books Bundle, $22, Amazon

The Lisa Frank composition books, which includes dolphins swimming under the ocean, a cheetah cub, and the colorful heart with a kitten and puppies, is the perfect addition to your back-to-school supplies.


Lisa Frank 18-Month Calendar

Official 2017 Lisa Frank 18 Month Colorful Magical Calendar, $3, Amazon

The Lisa Frank 18-month calendar is a must-have for parents of busy kids. Use this calendar at home or at school to write down important dates and details all year long.