12 Maternity Ugly Christmas Sweaters FTW

An ugly Christmas sweater party is probably one of the most popular holiday party themes. Even if it's not the theme, showing up in an ugly sweater to a holiday event will always be hilarious. The key is finding the best ugly Christmas sweater, like one that your grandma would love — gaudy and festive. But what about the pregnant ladies? Do they even make maternity ugly Christmas sweaters? It's not fair to be left out of all the holiday sweater fun just because you are expecting.

I know for me I have worn the same ugly sweater for the past four years and even though it's been rocked so many times, last year especially it was a big hit, so my plan was to keep wearing it until it no longer fits. However, I realized that one holiday season I might be pregnant, and that I must not be the only one with this dilemma.

Thankfully, stores like Amazon, Target, and even Etsy have some amazing maternity Christmas sweaters that everyone will enjoy. If you aren't too far along in your pregnancy, stealing your S.O's sweater or picking up a larger size could be an alternative. You just need something that's going to be big enough to cover that belly bump. And if you're far along in your pregnancy, don't worry, there are sweaters made for you, too.


Skeleton Sweater


Skeleton Sweater ($20, Amazon)

This sweater maybe a little creepy but it's also hilarious. Just because your little one hasn't arrived yet doesn't mean it can't be considered their first Christmas and worth celebrating.


Best Gift Sweater

Best Gift Sweater ($32, Target)

This sweater is not only ugly but also kinda cute, in that ugly Christmas sweater kind of way. It lets everyone know that you already received your favorite Christmas gift.


Been Naughty Shirt

We've Been Naughty Shirt Dress ($19, Amazon).

Hot flashes are not fun, and some cities actually observe warm Christmases so a sweater is not always the best choice. If you are looking for a funny holiday t-shirt that won't make you feel overheated, this is the perfect one that will surely get a laugh.


Christmas Tree Sweater

Christmas tree sweater ($35, Target).

It's never a bad idea to keep it simple and to the point with a very vibrant, very festive holiday sweater.


Pug Sweater

Pug sweater ($40, Target)

Who doesn't love Pugs? I smiled when I saw this one, and I'm sure everyone else at your party will too. This Santa pug themed sweater will definitely bring joy to everyone.


Tis The Season Sweater

Tis The Season Sweater ($65, Tipsy Elves)

I'm not going to lie: I'm not even pregnant and I want this sweater. It looks so cozy, and she is right, it is the right season to be preggors with so much love everywhere.


Santa Sweater

Santa Sweater ($60, Kohl's)

This is the perfect sweater for a baby bump. Santa has a belly and as of now, you do too.


Dinosaur Sweater

Tree Rex Sweater ($25, H&M).

I love a good pun. This is a men's sweater that I would totally steal.


Present Sweater

Present sweater ($20, Kmart)

This present sweater is the perfect sweater to let everyone know that you've got a very special gift inside. Also, 3D accents are winners.


Taco Sweater

Taco Sweater ($30, Amazon)

Snowflakes, Reindeer, and.... tacos? Show everyone that those baby cravings are legit with this awesome taco sweater from Amazon.


Sweater Vest

"Vintage" vest ($18, Amazon)

A sweater vest is a great way to show off your baby bump while not feeling suffocated. Just keep the buttons open and let that belly hang out .


Sweater Dress

Ugly Christmas Dress ($9, Amazon)

Who says that an ugly sweater can't be a dress? Pair a Christmas themed dress with some black leggings.


Vintage Sweater

Vintage Santa Claus Teddy Bear Sweater ($100, Etsy)

I love this! Not only is it a vintage ugly Christmas sweater — which means it was not made with the intention of being ugly — but it is a maternity sweater also. This is true one of a kind piece, so grab it while you can!

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