12 Of The Latest Baby Products That Deserve A Spot On Your Registry

by Cara Strickland

When I first started building my baby registry, it felt a little like learning a new language. What was a bassinet? Why would I want a convertible car seat, or an infant car seat, or both? And those baby monitors — where do I even begin?

Along the way, I read helpful product reviews and heard stories from other moms in the trenches. When I looked at something I was thinking of adding, I tried to think about how it would fit into the lifestyle I already had (i.e.: no jogging stroller was going to turn me into a jogger) or how it would make my life easier once my baby was here.

I was delighted to discover that baby stuff has come a long way; the classics are there, of course, but there are new items thought up by creative people (many of them moms) who wanted to smooth the path for us new mamas. After all, we already have enough on our plates caring for a newborn human.

Maybe you're overwhelmed at the idea of creating a registry like I was, just putting the finishing touches on your list, or you’re somewhere in between. No matter where you are in this great adventure, there’s something here for you. Scroll through, add what you like to your own registry, and know that you’ve got this.


A Nightlight That Does It All

I knew I wanted a white noise machine and a nightlight, so I was thrilled to discover this one two-in-one. But when I found out it would also become a time-to-rise light, changing color so my little one would know when to get up (and maybe get me some more sleep), I was sold.


A Genius Solution For Stuffy Noses

You might read that you use this to suck snot out of your baby’s nose and think it sounds gross. But when it’s the middle of the night with your baby’s first cold, it’s basically a miracle. Plus, it’s designed to be extremely hygienic (although almost nothing about my baby seems gross to me now).


The Bassinet For What Postpartum Is Really Like

After I had my daughter, I really just wanted to stay in bed. This bassinet gave me the option to put her down somewhere safe without getting out of bed myself. The walls bend down for easy access, and it swivels, which is especially handy when it’s right next to your bed.


The Crib That Grows With Your Baby

Most cribs are convertible these days, but this one becomes not only a toddler bed, but also a full-sized bed for when they are ready for even more room. Plus, it’s pretty enough that I would be happy to sleep in it myself.


A Mattress For All Seasons

The days are long, the years are short, but the life of your mattress doesn’t need to be. This one will get you through both baby and toddler days without needing to replace your mattress in between.


One Car Seat To Rule Them All

Trying to pick out a car seat was one of my most difficult tasks. I knew I wanted an infant car seat, but I also knew I’d need a convertible one for when my daughter got bigger. I like this one because it is everything she’ll need — from birth until booster seat — in one purchase.


A High-Tech Baby Monitor For Peace Of Mind

I don’t know about you, but I’m a data person. I love having the peace of mind that my baby is breathing well and that her heart is beating strongly. Plus, it’s so interesting to get insights into how she sleeps. When my baby sleeps, I get to sleep, and that fact alone is priceless.


A Travel System To Get You Wherever You Want To Go

A travel system takes the guesswork (and adaptors) out of figuring out if your infant car seat will work with your stroller. You just click it into place, either in the car or when you’re ready for a walk, and off you go. When baby is too big for the infant car seat, there’s another stroller seat all ready for you.


A Wrap To Keep Baby Cuddled (And Your Hands Free)

Especially when my little one was very tiny, I loved tucking her into a wrap on my chest and then conquering the world (aka: my dishes). Often, she’d fall asleep like that, which was cozy for both of us.


The Blanket With A Million Uses

My baby didn’t like swaddling, so I wondered what I was going to do with the cute swaddle blankets we received as gifts. But then I’d grab one to put over my shoulder to catch spit up, or I’d drape it over her when she fell asleep in my arms. Later, we used them to play peek-a-boo or have a little picnic. Totally worth it.


The Swaddle For Babies Who Don’t Love Swaddling

My daughter’s main issue with swaddling seemed to be that she wanted her arms above her head. Traditional swaddles wouldn’t let her do that, but this one did and it's a game changer.


The High Chair That Grows With Your Baby (And Your Family)

I like nothing better than a baby product that is meant to be used longer than a few months. This highchair set takes you from that first spoonful of oatmeal in a highchair or booster seat to a toddler seat. In certain configurations, this set can accommodate two kids at once. Just saying.


Hopefully this list has gotten you started with some inspiration for your own registry as you find the solutions that are best for your family. Now, if only it was possible to bottle that new baby smell — I’d add that to my registry in a minute!

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