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12 Old-Fashioned Cat Names Because Your Kitty Is Totally An Old Soul

I'll never forget the day I heard a woman in my old apartment building in New York refer to her cat as Edith. It struck me as really funny because it was such an old-timey, serious name for a pet. And yet, looking at the grey feline, it did seem like the perfect for name for her. So if your new kitty has an old soul, you might want to consider one of these old-fashioned cat names because they definitely deserve a comeback.

Cats are mysterious creatures, sometimes totally aloof, other times extremely affectionate — which makes naming them all the more difficult. They're not like some dogs that just knock you over with their adoration, and who can easily earn names like Sunny. Cats tend to be a little more reserved, which is why we love them of course, but also why typical pet names sometimes just won't do. Instead, it might make more sense to turn to the pages of classic literature or history books for some naming inspiration. Doesn't it seem like names from other centuries just sound more substantial?

If you love retro names, then this round-up is for you. They all could be a great fit for the cat in your life who seems like a total old man or old lady.



The name Agnes is derived from a Greek word meaning "chaste, pure, sacred," according to Baby Name Wizard.

It also comes with the cutest built-in nickname, 'Aggie,' which is perfect to pull out when your kitty is being a total snuggler.



If you have a cat that looks out the window, seemingly contemplating the meaning of life, and other such serious matters, he needs a name like Melvin.

The name is English in origin and means "council protector," according to Nameberry.



A cat named Gertrude is going to be always down for joining you on the couch for reading time. The name brings to mind the literary great, Gertrude Stein, and she definitely knew how to hold down a parlor.

The name comes from Old German and means, "strong spear," according to She Knows.



If your cat acts like a king, then you need a name like Arthur, which means "noble/courageous," but is also linked to several different meanings, including "bear," and "stone," according to Babble.



Betsy is just one of those retro names that feels very perky to me, making it perfect for an animated cat.

It's typically short for 'Elizabeth,' and means "pledged to God," according to Nameberry.



Is your cat quite the little philosopher? Then why not name him after the famed English thinker, Bertrand Russell?

The name Bertrand comes from two different Germanic words that mean "bright," and "rim (of a shield)," according to Behind the Name.



This sweet moniker was very popular in the late 1800s and actually means "princess," according to Babble.

If your four-legged companion is total royalty, then Sadie could be just the right name.



The charming name Oliver is Latin in origin and means "olive tree," according to Nameberry. The name has been around for centuries, and was popular way back in medieval England, explained the popular naming site.



A dominating cat begs for a name like Harriet, which actually means, "rules the home," according to She Knows.

And if your kitty also happens to be a shedding machine, the nickname "Harry," seems like a no-brainer.



This cute unisex moniker is English in origin and means "Frenchman," according to Behind the Name, which notes that everyone from saints to scientists have held the name.

It also comes with the cute nicknames, 'Frannie' or 'Frank'



Mabel actually means "lovable," according to Babble. And what could be more fitting for your new furry friend?



While Chester seems like a real antique name these days, it actually was as a 'Top 100' name from the 1880s to 1929, according to Nameberry.

If your kitty oozes old-world charm, then you know exactly what moniker he needs.