a baby boy learning to use a spoon
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12 Priceless Pics Of Babies Figuring Out How Spoons Work

Everything is brand new for babies, and they find fascination in the everyday things adults take for granted like light switches, door knobs, ceiling fans... even spoons. New spoon-feeding babies are sure to become completely enamored with the cool utensil mom or dad is using to give them solids, and soon, they'll want to try to use it all by themselves.

When a baby is around six months old (give or take a few months) they should be able to successfully eat starter baby foods like pureed fruits and vegetables, according to the CDC. At this point, they won't be able to feed themselves, but will certainly want to explore the spoon by touching it and putting it in their mouth. By allowing this exploration, parents are helping their baby get used to the utensil so that when they develop the motor skills they need to do it alone, they'll be comfortable with it and know exactly what to do.

Before a baby will be able to successfully use a spoon, they'll likely move on to finger foods, like chopped up fruits and veggies, scrambled eggs, and every baby's favorite... puffs. By the time they're about 12 months, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says babies are able to successfully (though, not necessarily neatly) get food to their mouths using both their fingers and a spoon. At around 18 months, babies will be able to use a spoon, fork, and cup correctly without making a (huge) mess, and by the time they're two years old, they will have mastered it.

Still, as much of a pain it is to have to basically hose down the high chair while your baby is learning to spoon feed, that food-covered face is hard not to love! Just look at these 12 cuties who are practicing one of life's most valued skills.


"Mom, I Got This"

This sweet overachiever wants to take control, right now! Her mom's Instagram caption says it all... she did not want that spoon out of her mouth!


"Is This The Right End?"

Learning how to use utensils is hard work! Little Rose is still figuring things out, but looking adorable while doing it.


"Practice Makes Perfect"

This little guy is clearly proud of himself! And he should be, because he's nailing it!


"That Was Delicious!"

Look at that sweet, messy smile! Bonus points for him, because his bib looks squeaky clean!


"I Got Most Of It In My Mouth"

A little pureed food up the nose is no big deal when you're mastering the art of spoon feeding. Those happy eyes and smile prove this little one isn't bothered by the mess at all.


"It May Be On My Hand, But My Face Is Clean!"

This girl is barely making a mess at all! Those mashed potatoes are too good to waste by getting them on her face.


"I'm Not So Sure About This"

Kalli seems very confused by the mango on her spoon, but not exactly mad about it! Even if she is unsure, she's really nailing the spoon feeding!


"No Time For Pictures, I'm Hungry!"

These delicious mashed sweet potatoes are no match for this hungry babe! Thank goodness that bowl is stuck to the high chair tray, because he'd ditch the spoon and eat right from the dish if he could!


"I Did It!"

Look at the pride in her eyes from using her spoon! It didn't come without a mess, but this little girl's smile is worth it!


"More Kiwi, Please"

His mom has made it clear in her caption that this little guy is still getting familiar with the spoon, but he seems to know what' he's doing! Either way, he doesn't seem amused by the camera when there's kiwi to be devoured!


"This Sauce Really Brings Out My Eyes, Don't You Think?"

It's safe to assume that this silly girl got about half of her food in her mouth, because the rest of it is all over the place. Even so, she's having the time of her life practicing her new spoon feeding skills!


"I'll Pause To Flash A Sweet Smile"

This little guy took a break from spoon feeding to flash an adorable smile at his mom. She says she loads up his spoon for him, but he brings it to his mouth himself. He's definitely got the hang of it.

Next time you sigh as you clean Greek yogurt out of every nook and cranny around your little one's high chair, remember that this time is short-lived. You don't have to love the "learning to use a spoon" phase, but you should at least snap a few pictures to look back on later.