12 Products That Make Pregnancy Less Uncomfortable

by Kate Brierley

Ah, pregnancy. Beautiful as it is, it can be less than glamorous to experience — so products that make pregnancy less uncomfortable are welcomed with open (albeit swollen, sometimes numb) arms. As your head hangs over the porcelain throne and your hormones bounce off the walls, you may convince yourself you’re incubating the spawn of the devil. It feels that way until you find sanity saving items to reduce discomforts of pregnancy, which — believe it or not — are completely normal.

When it comes to pregnancy symptoms, I’ve been around the block. Twice, actually, having two 10 lb. baby boys of my own (woof, I know). You name it; I’ve experienced it. From morning sickness to back pain, sleeplessness, to swelling, and inexplicably itchy skin, I’ve run the gauntlet of pregnancy woes.

Pregnant women of the world: I’m here as living proof that you can make it out the other side. But you’ve got to prepare yourself for the battle that is the business of growing tiny humans. How? There are products that make being pregnant way less uncomfortable, and I’m here to tell you about them. Listen carefully, save yourself some serious discomfort by adding them to your arsenal, and thank me later.


The Ultimate Body Pillow, For A Prayer At Catching Some Zzz’s

Fatigue is no stranger to pregnant women at any stage of the game. It’s important to get good rest, but your rapidly growing belly might have other plans for you. This total body pillow is supportive of your hips, neck, back, and belly. It helps with temperature control, and comes with a machine washable cover. It’s like a giant, preggo-friendly cuddle buddy. You need this sucker to feel as rested as possible.


A Pregnancy Wedge, When You’re In Need Of Some Props

You’ve heard of the Boppy. Heck, you’ve probably even registered for one for your little bundle on the way. But girl, what you probably don’t realize is that you need a Boppy for yourself ASAP. It’s discreet, it’s compact, and it offers the back and belly support you desperately need. Use it underneath your belly for support while you lay on your side, or if you’re anything like me, underneath your pillow to elevate your head and kick heartburn and reflux to the curb.


A Maternity Belt, For A Bit Of Uplifting

What the…? My thoughts exactly when I first learned about maternity belts, but trust me, you’ll come around. This bad boy prevents excessive straining to your hips and back, keeping you supported and in a healthy position. Plus, it makes you look and feel more comfortable, and what’s better than that?


Bath Flakes, For A Serious Tension Tamer

Speaking of getting comfortable, take a bath, mama. Not only do you deserve one, but it’ll ease your swelling and calm your nerves. These magnesium bath flakes are amazing for soothing your aching and eliminate some of the stereotypical puffiness and discomfort that accompanies pregnancy.


Bra Extenders, For A Little Extra Breathing Room

We get it. You don’t want to buy all new bras when you’re not going to need them for very long (or so you think), so you want to make your existing stock work for you as long as possible. But you know what's worse than too-tight undergarments? Nothing! Enter these handy little guys. They extend the reach of your bra to accommodate you, as your breasts grow painfully fast (and feel impossibly heavy), along with your belly. Best. Invention. Ever.


Soothing Body Butter, To Break The Itch-Scratch Cycle

I never expected the itch that accompanies pregnancy weight gain. Your belly grows and grows, and it takes a toll on your skin, leaving dryness and itch that can be downright maddening. Cocoa, shea, and joboba butters do their thing to calm sensitive skin and keep it hydrated and restored.


A Nursing Bra, To Feel Like Everything’s In Place

When you do need new bras, and you will eventually need new bras, this is the one for you. Listen. I’m very clear that as a pregnant woman, you’re probably not nursing yet. But you’re likely expanding, possibly leaking, and definitely in need of some comfort and support. Get one of these bras…you won’t be sorry. It’ll hold you up and keep you in place, and reviewers are saying things like, "Lots of support, comfortable and they actually look cute!"


Ginger Chews, For When You Need A Serious Stomach Settler

Consider this the proverbial chicken soup for the pregnant gal’s soul. Ginger has a natural ability to ease nausea, which often accompanies the first trimester (plus, this set of ginger candies comes in 'original,' 'spicy apple,' 'peanut,' and 'super strength'). I kept a stash in my desk, purse, car, and just about everywhere. Because hello — there’s no wrong place to combat morning sickness (and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it can strike any time of day).


Don't Love Ginger? Try Pop Drops For Some Sweet (Nausea) Relief

Safe, natural, and downright tasty, these lozenges kick nausea to the curb by way of essential oils. It’s tempting to power down the entire container, but you won’t need to. One or two will put your queasy stomach at ease, so you can get on with your day.


Organic Pregnancy Tea, For A Quiet Mind

There’s a lot to think about and toil over as a mom-to-be, so any chance to relax and unwind is a welcomed one. This caffeine-free, herbal tea is the go-to choice for soothing your nerves, as well as aches and pains. Raspberry tea and nettle leaves are said to help tone the uterus and prepare the womb for childbirth, which you’ll be very ready for when that time comes. Sink into a hot cup at the end of a long day, and dream about everything to come.


Maternity Undies, For A Sense of Control

Pregnancy symptoms don’t even compare to the discomfort you’ll feel if you choose the wrong underwear while you’re sporting a decent-sized belly. Should they be pulled up and over, up to your boobs? Tucked underneath the belly, as if it doesn’t exist? It’s a setup for disaster, so stock up on maternity underwear and call the whole thing off. They’re cotton, breathable, and comfortable enough to forget about. Girl, you’ve got enough going on.


An Iron Supplement, For A Rocket Boost

You haven’t felt fatigue until you’ve let your iron drop during pregnancy. And it happens all too often. I don’t wish this pregnancy symptom upon you, or anyone, for that matter. Reviewers are saying things like, "This tonic is definitely the most notably effective vitamin supplement I've ever tried. It is pretty encompassing, and includes the vitamins necessary to digest the other vitamins within it."

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