12 Random But Brilliant Baby & Toddler Products…

by Bianca Mendez

For every mom, practicality ranks high when shopping for a new product. That's why baby and toddler products invented by moms can fit the bill for many day-to-day concerns, as opposed to what some more traditional marketing companies are producing on their own. After all, who better to understand the mommy clientele than people who are, well, moms?

These mom-trepreneurs totally get that parenthood isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. They saw the gaps in the baby market for genius baby products that make parents’ lives easier and got to inventing. They’re not fancy products with high price points. Rather, they're smart, simple inventions that might make clean-up less stressful or could even secure a squirmy baby during diaper changing. Needless to say, these moms have been there, and subsequently turned their frustrations into items that help out other struggling moms. Because sure, you can spend tons of money on a fancy wipe warmer, but it probably won’t be as lifesaving as a small, inexpensive baby bottle adapter for that time you left your baby’s bottle at home.

These inventions for babies are so simple, you may be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Check out these ingenious baby and toddler products invented by moms. You may be inspired to create your own.


A Snuggie for Babies

Karen Barski found swaddling to be a tedious pain-in-the-butt procedure that always ended up with her daughter unraveling herself in the middle of the night. Worried about her little one overheating or, worse, SIDS, she created a one-step swaddle blanket that stayed put. The woombie counteracts your baby's hulk-like strength and stays snugged, cozy, and secure. It also has a two-way zipper that allows for easy diaper changing.


A Trendy Teething Necklace

Tired of your teething baby tugging on your jewelry? Created by parents Lisa and Eric Greenwald, chewbeads are BPA-free necklaces designed to soothe your teething toddlers. The beads are created without phthalates, cadmium, lead, or metals, and instead made with 100 percent silicon soft for baby's developing gums. They're also stylish for moms to wear everywhere while their babies chew away.


A Booby Trap For Squirmy Babies

Got a squirmy baby on your hands? If your tyke can't sit still during a diaper change, then this changing pad will be your lifesaving tool. Designed by Dana Port, this pad features contoured foam to mold to your baby's shape and a gentle swaddle strap to keep your kid in place, so you can quickly clean up the mess.


A Hassle-Free Way to Give Medicine

Mom of one Tiffany Krumins worked with sick kids long enough to understand what a hassle it is feeding them medicine. After debuting her prototype on Shark Tank, she gained an investment to develop this adorable medicine dispenser. Ava the Elephant has a friendly face and gives motivational encouragement for babies to down their medicine, tantrum-free.


A Device For Mess-Free Feedings

Not every baby is keen about eating solid foods. And those baby food pouches aren't always helpful when it comes to messes. That's why mom Julie Hammi created Sip'ns, a topper that attaches to baby food pouches for easy feeding and less mess. It's BPA and phthalate-free, and it's made with 100 percent silicon that's soft and safe for baby to chew. And when your kid's done eating, just throw it in the wash for cleaning.


For Easy Clean Up

Although the Swoop Bag has been in Sarah Kirk's family for years, she made this clean-up bag available to others a few years ago. This bag makes clean up a breeze by allowing kids to toss their toys on the mat, then pull the drawstring. Its lightweight design makes it easy for travel and even doubles as a playmat.


For Easy Potty Training

For moms who have to deal with potty training a boy, Ann Neale has your back. She created Tinkle Targets, toilet covers to help boys improve their aim when going to the bathroom. Soon enough, he'll be going like a grown-up.


A Makeshift Baby Bottle

Mom of two Gina Lipstein knows what it's like to forget something as vital as a baby bottle when out with kids. So, she created this baby bottle adapter that turns any water bottle into a baby bottle. It fits most bottles and is safe for baby to use.


A Way To Prevent Major Accidents From Happening

No mom wants to deal with a poop explosion, which is why Melanie Miller set out to invent this genius diaper extension. The Blowout Blocker prevents any accidents from creeping up the backside, so the only mess you have to clean up is what's inside the diaper. Can you say, lifesaver?


A Way To Keep Socks With Their Mates

Finally, a solution for socks that are always coming off. Invented by two moms, these booties are made from organic cotton and stay on with the help of elastic and Velcro. They'll grow and expand with your baby, they'll keep feet warm, and they'll never fall off.


A Spacious Changing Pad

Most moms may find that the traditional changing pads are too small, especially for a squirmy baby. Grace Welch felt that way, which is why she created the Patemm changing pad. Each pad is 28-inches round, giving you and your baby enough space for easy diaper changing. It's lightweight and also doubles as a carrier, so you're never without your diaper changing necessities.


A Frog That Makes Bath Time Less Messy

What mom doesn't want a tub free of bath toys? Designer Rebecca Finell was fed up with her cluttered bathtub, so she created Frog Pod to stash your tot's toys when his time is over. This device can be easily mounted on the wall and holes to prevent toys from molding, making this tool a complete win for moms who hate germs.

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