12 Red & Black Drinks Falcon Fans Are Sure To Love

If Super Bowl 51 has you in the mood to chow and drink, you're not alone. Come Sunday, football fans across the nation will gather to not only cheer on their team and laugh out loud over the commercial, but shovel party favorites into their mouths throughout all four quarters (and the amaze half time show — thank you Lady Gaga). But you need some drinks to go with all the food, and any self-respecting Atlanta fan wouldn't be caught serving anything other than red and black Falcons drink recipes to sip on Super Bowl Sunday.

Red and black beverages can pair with all types of tailgate and party food, and they can be customized to adult-only or kid-friendly, depending on who will be in attendance. Not to mention, there's a drink for every time of day. Start the morning out with a black coffee or red smoothie drink before moving on to a festive, fruity cocktail after kick off. Wash down those nachos with a crisp mojito or skip the nachos all together if you think it's good luck (it's only weird if it doesn't work, right?) These 12 recipes will "rise up" as a huge hit among party goers of all ages.


Cran-Raspberry Sparkler

Who says Super Bowl soirees and a little sparkle don't go hand in hand? Quiet any nay-sayers with this cran-raspberry sparkler from Adventures in Cooking, that blends earthy tart fruit juice with sparkling wine. Balance all that chili and queso with some yummy bubbles.


Bloody Mary

A good Bloody Mary can count as a daily serving of veggies, and this recipe make enough to ensure all your guests get their nutrients for the day. Big Girls, Small Kitchen created walks you through making Bloody Marys for a crowd, with enough to go around for 12 guests.


Chocolate Cherry Oat Smoothie

Want to balance out all that tail gate food with something healthy? Start the day out healthy, while still staying in the football spirit. Falcon's fans will dig the black and red mis of this chocolate cherry oat smoothie from Cook Nourish Bliss.


Sour Beer & Cherry Rum Punch

If you have a crowd coming over to watch the big game, nothing is easier than a punch to keep guests' glasses full. Cook, Nourish, Bliss has the perfect solution with this sour beer and cherry rum punch, which combines bright fruity flavors with the bite of beer and the sweetness of rum.


Spiced Bittersweet Hot Chocolate With Peppermint Schnapps

You can prepare Brooklyn Supper's spiced bittersweet hot chocolate with (or without) the peppermint schnapps. Falcon's fans under 21 will enjoy the dark sweet drink, while older football lovers drink up a steamy cup with a dash of tipsy mint.


Red Pepper Martini

Raise a glass to your fave team with a drink that mimics the Falcon's firey spirit. The red pepper martini from Cookie and Kate has a surprise kick from the addition of a medium jalapeño. If the score in the fourth quarter doesn't get your heart racing, this cocktail sure will.


Strawberry Gimlet

I always feel super classy when I order a gimlet, but that doesn't mean you can't sip on this refined cocktail while rocking a football jersey and boots with the fur. This strawberry gimlet from Big Girls, Small Kitchen is the perfect balance of high end cocktail bar and down home sports.


Coconut Water Iced Coffee

A refreshing bevy that you can make full caffeine or decaf, Gimme Some Oven's coconut water iced coffee goes is a great way to wash down all your Super fare.


Hot Apple Berry Ginger Juice

Warm the crowd up with a hot drink that's a touchdown for all ages. The soothing hot apple berry ginger juice from Kitchen Confidante is pure goodness in a glass.


Cranberry Ginger Mojitos

It only makes sense to wash down those nachos with a tasty mojito. Why not show off that Falcon red with a cranberry ginger mojito by Simply Delicious?


Pom-Pineapple Passion Fizz

Even the littles football fanatic can sip this fizzy concoction. Made with fruit juice and seltzer water, Table for Two shows you how to blend up the perfect pom-pineapple passion fizz. (Try saying that five times fast.)


Strawberry Mint Lemonade

Lemonade is a tailgate fave, and this recipe kicks things up a touch with a few complementary ingredients. What's Cooking, Love has this strawberry mint lemonade down to a science. Make a big batch to last the whole game so guests can refill on their own.