12 Romance Movies On Netflix That Will Make You Cry, Because Sometimes, It's Just What You Need


It is the season for love. Whether you are single or in a happy relationship, February is the time to celebrate all the love that surrounds us. And what better way to celebrate love than to turn on the TV and watch a movie that is so heartwarming it will bring you to tears. Thankfully there are so many romantic movies out there that will make you cry. And I mean the good kind of cry.

Atonement is a tear-jerking film that's on everyone's list. Or why not check out Bridget Jones Diary? It will not only make you shed some tears but laugh as well. A movie doesn't have to make you cry because it's terribly sad, but can also bring on happy tears, too. The classic Breakfast At Tiffany's is a romantic film that will bring you tears of joy. Not everything has to be like This Is Us. (Umm did you see last week's episode?)

It is time to turn on Netflix, unwrap some chocolate, grab your favorite bottle of wine, and oh, don't forget about the tissues, because you're going to need them. Curl up on the couch with your S.O., girlfriends, or pet, and watch one of these films that will make you glad that love still exists.

1. Love Actually


Love Actually is a Christmas favorite. It intertwines nine stories, and each one is as heartwarming as the next. While not all the stories end on a happy note, you'll feel every emotion while watching this film. Also, Hugh Grant stars in it, and there's nothing bad about that.

2. Moonrise Kingdom


Wes Anderson is known for creating the most endearing films. Moonrise Kingdom is not only quirky but it is adorable too. Watch two young kids fall in love and run away together. This movie will wish you were young and in love again, and might not make the waterworks flow, but some have been known to shed a tear.

3. Bridget Jones's Diary


Bridget Jone's Diary should be the 30-something-year-old anthem. It's about stepping into your power as a single woman. While Bridget tries to find Mr.Right, there are many silly adventures on the way, and all in all, she just makes you smile.

4. Rent


If you are not crying during the "I'll Cover You" reprise you are a monster. JK, but there is a moving funeral scene brings almost everyone to tears.

5. Safe Haven


You can't go wrong with a Nicholas Sparks film. They are sure to make you cry. Safe Haven is about a girl who moves to a small town to start her life over. In that time, she finds love again, but her past still haunts her.

6. Atonement


This movie takes place during WW2, so you know it's going to be emotional. A couple is torn apart by a jealous sister and leaves the male lead in prison. Ugh, sisters are the worst sometimes.

7. Never Let Me Go


Growing up in a boarding school kept these kids sheltered. When they come of age, they are released into the real world and the adults who raised them watch them finally experience the feelings of love and jealousy that might ruin their once innocent friendships.

8. Breakfast At Tiffany's


Movie darling Audrey Hepburn's character falls in love with a man in her building, but secrets from her past get in the way.

9. Anna Karenina


Everyone loves a good period piece. Anna Karenina is a romantic drama film based off of Leo Tolstoy's book of the same title, which is set in Russia during the late 1800s. Caught in a love affair, the protagonist Karenina is faced with a difficult decision.

10. While You Were Sleeping


Sandra Bullock plays a transit worker who saves her crush from an oncoming train. Now he's in a coma and his family thinks Bullock is his fiancée. If things can get any worse, Bullock's character falls in love with the comatose man's hot brother.

11. Seeking A Friend For The End OF The World


I love Steve Carell, and Keira Knightly has made this list a few times already. So, this film is a must-see. Watch a man who is out to find his high school sweetheart, and Keira Knightly who makes it a little difficult for him.

12. Leap Year


February is not only Valentine's Day, but it's Leap Year too. In this film, a woman want to propose to her boyfriend but get distracted by a hot innkeeper.

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