12 Romance Movies On Netflix, Because You Need A Good Cry

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Have you ever noticed how many genres there are within the romance movie category? There are comedies to make you laugh till you pee, thrillers that will make you question everyone you haven’t known for 20 plus years, dramas that feel so real and relatable, you can’t stop thinking about them months after watching... And sometimes, what you’re in the mood for is something that makes you sad before it maybe makes you happy again. There are so many romantic movies on Netflix that’ll make you cry, because maybe tonight that’s just what the doctor ordered.

That doesn’t necessarily mean all the romantic movies on this list are sad and depressing flicks. Some have happy endings, some don’t (because that’s life, to be honest), but they’ll all make you feel for the characters and whatever joy or sorrow they go through in the film. What makes a good romance movie is that they entertain you and move you in some way or another. More than anything though, they’ll make you believe in true love, even if that love is not eternal.

So make your way to Netflix, unwrap some chocolate, grab your favorite bottle of wine, and make sure you have more than 3 sheets left in that tissue box — you’re going to need them.


Irreplaceable You

A young woman is diagnosed with cancer and decides to find a new match for her fiance. They have been best friends since childhood so their bond is extremely strong. Watch as she deals with the trials and tribulations of treatment and how she copes with her diagnosis.


Someone Great

If you’re already crying, chances are you need to see this movie. Someone Great follows a group of millennial women who set off on a mission to cheer up their broken-hearted bestie played by Gina Rodriguez. It’s full of laughs, tears and tequila so you know it’s the perfect combination for a girls night in.


P.S. I Love You

Just hearing the concept alone will probably evoke a tear or two. Hilary Swank’s character is a young widow who is guided by 10 messages her late husband left her in order to help ease the pain of her loss. He guides her on this journey to explore things she has never done before after he passes.


About Time

If Rachel McAdams is in the movie, be sure to have a tissue box close at hand. About Time follows a young man as he uses his ability to travel back in time to the moments in his life that he wants to redo. He meets McAdams’ character and life couldn’t be better until he’s faced with more than a few challenges.


One Day

Have you ever felt like there was the one that got away? Every year on the same date, two friends always seem to come together. Over 20 years, you see how their complicated relationship grows in different ways, and Anne Hathaway’s character is just all too relatable.


While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock plays a transit worker who saves her crush from an oncoming train. Now he's in a coma and his family thinks Bullock is his fiancée. Things get a little messy — or perhaps more entertaining, depending how you look at it — when Bullock's character falls in love with the comatose man's hot brother.


The World We Make

When racial biases test their relationship, Lee and Jordan struggle to figure out how to build a future for themselves despite the negativity from society. This movie shows the pressures of being a biracial couple in a small town. It also unravels an issue not many movies cover.


Blue Valentine

Ryan Gosling. Reason #1 as to why this movie is the perfect tearjerker. Blue Valentine follows a married couple’s relationship as it continually deteriorates. As the movie cross-cuts between two time periods, you get a glance of how everything used to be and then how it fell apart.


Seven Pounds

Will Smith’s character is on a mission to donate his vital organs in order to save multiple lives. His past seems to be driving him to make up and repent for something he’s done. Things get even more complicated when he falls for a woman with a fatal heart condition.


Kiss & Cry

Carly is a young and talented figure skater who is diagnosed with an extremely rare sarcoma. Based on a true story, this romantic movie follows a woman who made medical history. With the help of her family and her boyfriend, Carly goes through treatment trying to live her life as she usually would.


The Time Traveler’s Wife

Rachel McAdams should get an award for her ability to make us cry time after time. She’s a true talent. When her character falls in love with a man who involuntarily time travels, she has to face a lifetime of waiting for him to come around and doesn’t know when he’ll come back next.


Last Night

Kiera Knightly also joins the ranks when it comes to the most notable women in romance movies. Her character encounters her old flame while her husband is away on a business trip with someone he’s attracted to. The two are both tested in their marriage.

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