12 Total Boss Mom Parenting Victories

by Cristin Grecco

Motherhood is work, and your day-to-day may be more chaotic than you'd ever imagined possible. But thankfully, being a parent also means that your life is full of small parenting victories that make you feel like a total boss. You might be dealing with a toddler who won't use the "big-boy potty," or a little one who isn't hitting developmental milestones at the same time as his or her peers, but I promise that if you hold out a little longer, something amazing will happen. You might hear your child say a new word, or she'll finally use the potty on her own. Maybe one day your toddler will decide to play quietly by himself, giving you an unexpected 15 minutes to recharge.

The small victories remind you that your hard work is paying off and you're not just an "OK" mom; you're actually a multitasking negotiation master with every move you make. So to celebrate your badass-ness, we partnered with tested total boss mom resource Total Wireless (Check them out on TotalWireless.com!) to come up with this list of victories that make us feel like we can take on anything that comes our way.


Training Your Kid To Know What 'Clean-Up Time' Means

Somehow I've trained my 1-year-old to think that throwing things in the garbage and wiping up messes is the best thing ever, and I highly recommend this to all parents.


Getting Your Kid Into A Carseat

You deserve a gold star anytime you can get your kid into one of these without a tantrum. No shame if it makes you so proud that you snap a photo and share it with everyone you know.


Making A Mom Friend

"Dreams really do come true." — You, after meeting another mom you actually want to hang out with who happens to have kids that magically get along with your kids. Don't forget to swap phone numbers since you’ll be calling and texting each other non-stop to share the highs and the lows of the mom life.


Just Going To The Bathroom, TBH

It's amazing what three minutes of solitude behind a locked door can do for morale.


Remembering To Eat A Full Meal

No, seriously. Getting to dine on something that isn't a handful of pretzels between naps and feedings can feel practically monumental.


Having A Fully-Stocked Diaper Bag When You Need It Most

Diaper blow-out in the middle of the grocery store? You got this.


Getting Your Kid To Fall Asleep After Just One Bedtime Story

Resist the urge to question how it happened, and just back away slowly.


Watching A Movie With Your Partner

So wait, you got the kid to sleep on time, already ate a full meal, and don't have assignments to take care of from work? Butt, meet couch.


Successfully Getting Your Kid On A Schedule

When you finally set a solid nap time, mark that time down on your phone's calendar as "blissful silence" and defend it with your life.


Weaseling Your Way Out Of Diaper Duty

When your baby wakes up with a wet diaper as soon as your partner gets up for work and you say, "Oh, can you just change him real quick while you’re up? Thankyousomuchyourock."


Witnessing Your Kid Be Nice To Other Kids

And yeah, it really is that much sweeter if you're in the company of other moms who witness it as well.


Hearing Your Kid Say They Miss You

Yep, they miss you, you crazy-awesome total boss of a mom, you.


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