12 Cute & Comfy St. Patrick's Day Dresses Your Toddler Won't Want To Take Off

Every holiday automatically becomes 100 times more fun when you've got a little one. They're the best excuse to get adorably festive outfits, plan special surprises, and take too many photos. If you're one of those moms who loves dressing your toddler up for a day care party or an at-home photoshoot, you're probably already planning ahead for this month's big day. These St. Patrick's Day toddler dresses are perfect outfits for your lucky charm on March 17. After all, an on-point look is better than any pot of gold.

The downside of purchasing an outfit that's very holiday specific is, of course, the fact that your toddler may only end up wearing it once. Come March 18, that shamrock-patterned dress will be going straight into storage or to a secondhand store. That said, if a holiday-themed outfit is cute enough... well, it's coming home with me even if it only feels appropriate for a few hours. This list has a bit of both – dresses that are tailor made for St. Patrick's Day, as well as frocks in different shades of green that will look just as great any other time of the year. And you can take any of these looks to the next level by adding a sequin shamrock headband ($6, Target) or a few beaded necklaces ($3 for four, Target).